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Why You Need mobile Insurance: T Mobile water damage

TMobile water damage؛

Today, our mobile phones are much more important than our best friends or partner, just kidding! But, getting insurance for our mobile phones is as important as getting life insurance for ourselves. You may not understand the meaning of stored data in your phone unless your mobile phone gets stolen, broken, or it gets damaged by any other way. Thus, in this article, we will know why mobile insurance is important and how T Mobile water damage protection will help you.

If you are still not sure whether you should get your device insurance or not, we have five major points that will help you understand the need for your smartphone insurance.

A good cover is not enough T Mobile water damage

Although your smartphone may have a good cover and you may have a protective case for your phone. But, when your phone falls in the water, or it gets stolen, your phone’s protection cover won’t save your money. Thus, if you are prone to theft, or water damage, it is always advisable to get T Mobile water damage protection.

These protections are not too expensive, and you may also have peace of mind. Every year around 80 million phones are lost, stone, or gets water damage. This means 2.5 phones lose their value every second. These hurtful statistics show that it is very important to get your phone protected by using insurance.

Thus, whenever you purchase a new phone, it is important to get protection for loss, theft, accidental damage, malfunction, and all kinds of wear and tear.

Filing a claim is easy for TMobile water damage

If you are not thinking about getting insurance for your smartphone, just because it is difficult to get claims, you are mistaken. Getting claims from good companies like T-mobile is quite easy. You can make a claim for T mobile Water damage 24*7, and their executives will always be available to assist you.

The process of getting a claim for your mobile device is much easier as compared to getting it repaired from your nearest store. Thus, if you want peace of mind and a smooth and easier process to get your phone back, the best way is to go for phone insurance.

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Outside repairs are risky

If you are not getting insurance for your phone, thinking that you may get it repaired easily from a phone repairs store, you are living in a delusional world. Nowadays, an average smartphone costs nothing less than $500, and once damaged, getting it repaired from a local store is not at all advisable.

Sometimes even after spending $100s on repair, you may not get good repair services. Thus, if you want to get away from expensive and risky repair services, always get insurance for your phone. You can look for some of the best Tmobile insurance online. Tmobile offers one of the best tmobile water damage.

For your peace of mind T Mobile water damage

Nothing can be comparable to peace of mind. Some people believe that they don’t need insurance for their smartphone as they may not lose their phone, or they may never get your phone damaged. But think about a scenario, you get your car insured, even though you may never have car insurance. Thus, no matter if you will damage your phone or not, getting it insured will provide you with peace of mind.

What is included in T-Mobile Insurance
What is included in T-Mobile Insurance

What is included in T-Mobile Insurance?

The T-Mobile insurance comes up with three amazing features which include:

  1. Basic device protection
  2. Premium headset protection
  3. Protection 360

Protection 360

The protection 360 by Tmobile insurance will cover all kinds of malfunction, accidental damage like T Mobile water damage, and also crack damage. With protection 360, your phone, standard charger, battery, and SIM will be covered.

The plan provides you with three accidental damages within a 12-month period. The plan is very affordable, as you have to pay a maximum of $7 and $15 every month as a premium charge.

Basic device protection

Under the basic device protection, you will be covered for malfunctioning phones, accidental damage, including the T mobile water damage protection, loss, and theft. This plan covers two accidental damages within a period of 12-months. 

Premium protection

Under this type of protection, you will get cover for malfunctioning phones, accidental damages like T mobile water damage, screen cracks, loss, and theft. This plan covers two accidental claims within 12-months. The premium amount for this insurance is around $8 per month.

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As per our experience and expertise, it is never advisable to take risks with your phone. In this digital era, your mobile phone is not just equipment, it is an extension of your personal and professional life. All your personal data, like videos, audios, images, and special memories, are stored on your phone. In professional life, all your important data and documents are stored. Thus, it is important to take care of your phone wisely.

Just like your health insurance or vehicle insurance, your phone insurance is important.

If you are worried about whether your mobile insurance is value for money, you should know that the data stored in your mobile phone is much more worth the money spent. So, never think about not having insurance for your mobile devices. Most mobile insurance gets cover for damages like accidents, breakage, water damage, or several other purposes. T Mobile is one of the best companies providing maximum protection and insurance for your mobile phones.

If you are still not sure about the insurance, you should evaluate the risk versus the cost. Sometimes phone insurance may cost more than a mobile phone. But, if you think that your phone and data, worth spending money on, it is important to get the insurance done. If your job or profession leads you to put your phone at risk, or it is accidental or damages prone, get your phone insured from TMobile insurance water damage. So, don’t double doubt about getting insurance. Use it and get unlimited benefits from T Mobile insurance.

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