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T-mobile throttled speed exceeds that of other American operators

T-mobile throttled speed

T-mobile network: t-mobile throttled speed exceeds that of other American operators

New study says AT&T 4G T-mobile network is the fastest in the United States. The discovery of records came from PCMag according to BGR.

The test procedure

The report says that the website has tested all in the United States, four major operators are using eight Samsung smartphones with the same model and specifications. The tests were carried out in around thirty cities across the country.


AT&T 4G T mobile came out on top in terms of connection t mobile throttled speed. However, the article noted that t mobile was the most reliable of the others. This is likely due to the fact that despite AT & T’s fast connection, it tends to fluctuate in some regions. On the other hand, T-Mobile would have been really great if there had not been a low availability. Mobile t is still in its phase of introduction on the LTE markets but the demand for its service is currently at rising, added the source.

The T-Mobile 4G service has only been tested in six markets, but it has performed surprisingly well, with a reading of 12.07 Mbps for download and 7.09 Mbps for download. For locations without LTE, the T-Mobile network achieved a t mobile throttled speed of 7.91 Mbps and a t mobile throttled speed of 1.42 Mbps.

Sprint seemed to have had trouble passing the tests. It only scored 5.55 Mbps during downloads and 2.41 Mbps during downloads.

In terms of the highest recorded t mobile throttled speed, AT&T tops the list with 66.11 Mbps. Then come the 62.03 Mbps of T-Mobile and the 59.83 Mbps of Verizon. Still Sprint was left with its maximum t mobile throttled speed of 32.32 Mbps.

T-Mobile 5G covers approximately 200 million people

T-Mobile has now launched “national” 5G available to nearly 200 million Americans, provided it has a Samsung or OnePlus phone. Currently, and until next year, you will need a Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ or ​​a OnePlus 7T Pro 5G McLaren to access the network.

As for the development of accessibility to 5G, T-Mobile has already announced that as of next year, 15 new phones will be compatible with the network, also known as “low speed”.

T-Mobile Throttle Speed in USA

Since the 2017 auction, T-Mobile throttled  speed  has owned the 600 MHz spectrum that can cover the entire United States. A part was already used for the LTE 71 band and now the part reserved for 5G is also used. The version of the network deployed by T-Mobile throttled  speed is more powerful than that of Verizon and Sprint, insofar as these operators have concentrated on certain cities when T-Mobile, for its part, covers a rather wide range of the country. Thus, the operator’s 5G coverage is beautiful and well available in the city, but also in many rural areas.

However, with only two compatible smartphones, the gain in browsing t mobile throttled  speed remains to be proven, as network accessibility is currently limited. Especially since once new supports have been configured to accommodate this 5G, there is no doubt that the arrival of this new, more efficient network could change many things, especially in rural areas, where connection could hitherto still be a problem. uncomplicated. In France, 5G still has a long way to go before being deployed, especially since it should cost operators more than expected.


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