Att Directv package deals

For the unlimited bundle of fun, drama, comedy, and other entertainment stuff, make your order for the att Directv package. It’s not a package for your TV, but it’s a full package for entertainment time with your family or friends. In comparison with the cable connections, customer review higher ratings for the att Directv package.

What’s so special about the att Directv package?

The att Directv package is one of the popular packages which come with an eye-catching range of features including:

  • 330 channels to watch*
  • Latest movies to watch with your friends*
  • Above 65,000 TV shows*
  • A higher reliability of signal up to 99%**
  • Available with a Genie HD DVR free upgrade***

*Works with the subscription package. You need a subscription for the Premier att Directv package.

**It depends upon the nationwide city.

***Applicable with advanced the receiver, Add’l ad Add’l equipment fees.


Is there a free streaming option available for Directv when using Att service?

There’s no free streaming option available for Directv service. If you want to enjoy watching your favorite shows, sports events, or movies on Directv, then buy a Directv att package without paying additional charges.

Different att Directv package options available for customers

  1. Select package

In this package, customer avails with over 155 channels. It is available only at $49.99 per line applicable in 12 months, including taxes. Some benefits linked with this att Directv package include the following:

  1. It comes with premium channels for three months, including STARZ, HBO, EPIX, SHOWTIME, and Cinemax. For cancellation or change in the feature, call the authorities.
  2. Genie HD DVR is available with additional equipment. A fee is applicable for the advance receiver.
  3. Choice package

In this att Directv package, you get to watch over 185 channels, including 85 HD channels. Also, it comes with the HBO channel for one year and NFL SUNDAY TICKET 2020. It is available only at $59.99 per line applicable for 12 months, including taxes and fees for regional sports. Some exciting features of this pack include the following:

  • HBO for 12 months
  • Out of market games in the 2020 NFL SUNDAY TICKET excluding some international games.
  • 3 months of EPIX, SHOWTIME, STARZ, and Cinemax.
  • For auto-renewal, you need to pay the current rates.
  1. Ultimate package

The ultimate package is full of fun and exciting channels over 250, including 115 HD channels. For the HBO lovers, you get a surprise with the HBO channel available for one year. Also, you get hands over the ticket of NFL SUNDAY 2020. Some thrilling features to explore in this att Directv package include:

  • Out of market games in the 2020 NFL SUNDAY TICKET excluding some international games.
  • Cinemax, SHOWTIME, STARZ, and EPIX included for three months. For auto-renewal, call to avail at the prevailing rate of $41.99/month.

Why invest in the Att internet service?

With the bundle of att Directv package, you get hands over the best internet and TV service. With the reliable and high speed of internet service, you get to enjoy a buffering free experience. Watch the HD channels with your favorite shows non-stop. Plan a dinner date with your partner watching a romantic movie. The att Directv package comes with a surprise for the sports lovers! If you love seeing sports, then you can see it on the HD channels in this pack. If you want to save your money, then grab this package and enjoy the billing payment.

Reasons to invest in Att service for a reliable experience include:

  1. Faster internet connectivity

Who doesn’t want a high-speed internet connection? It might be the whole world that is demanding it. If you want to enjoy such an experience, then check your location for availing the Att service. The ATT internet service is available up to 75 Mbps downstream speed. For a buffer-free experience, Att internet speed is the best service.

  1. Highly reliable

Att service is available with 99.9% reliability, which makes it a superior service. Don’t worry about the signal issues when being an Att customer.

  1. Secure connection

Using a reliable internet service is a top consideration for users. Along with it, one of the important considerations is about a secure connection. Att provides a safe and secure streaming connection for protecting customers.

  1. Fiber optic technology

What’s better than using a fiber optic technology built service? Nothing! All the Att customers get to enjoy this feature.

Is it possible to get the Directv bundle with Att wireless service?

It is 100% possible! With the bundle of Directv with Att wireless, you get to enjoy a thrilling experience using your device for watching HD channels. With the att Directv package, you can avoid any additional charges on your monthly payment.

Directv at&t packs available with discounts
Directv at&t packs available with discounts

Directv att packs available with discounts

Since Directv has become a part of Att service, all the users of Att can enjoy enormous benefits. The users of Att service for mobile phone gets a chance to enjoy Directv streaming using the application. It won’t even count against the monthly plan data of the Att users.

If you want to save some money on your Att service, then you can go for the bundle plan of your device and streaming packages. If you avail of an Att “Plus Enhanced plan,” you get an unlimited service with a discount of $15 on the Directv packages.

Along with the discounted offers available for the users of Att service, new users get to avail some exciting promotions. It may include discounted subscriptions or deals on the subscription plans of Directv Now. Don’t miss to check all the offers available on your plan.

Free months with HBO

If you’re availing an unlimited att Directv package, you get to enjoy some free months of HBO depending upon the package. For the customers who have availed for unlimited wireless Att plan, free HBO facility is available even when not applied for an Att video service subscription. If you’re also one such user, then access all shows of HBO using the HBO Go app or Directv Now. It’s not mandatory to get the subscription for video services.

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