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9 IMPORTANT Points to put in mind | when Verizon FiOS cancelling

If you are currently using the Verizon FiOS plan and you want to cancel it, we have to do a lot of research to discover how to complete the process of cancellation of Verizon FiOS efficiently.

We have discussed the issue of how to cancel your Verizon FiOS through our website ( Mobile Services Center ) but now we are going to explain what are the effective steps that must be followed if you want to cancel your account in Verizon FiOS. and how to partially delete the TV plan while keeping the internet plan.

Verizon FiOS

The most important points to put in mind to cancel Verizon FiOS:

As we have mentioned before on our website ( Mobile Service Center ) the right method to cancel Verizon FiOS effectively.

Before starting to do any steps that are related to the topic of the Verizon FiOS cancellation you have first to talk to the customer care department through any of the customer service agents.

Customer care is available on the number 844-837-2262 every day except the weekends till 6:00 PM. After completing this call, you can go to any of Verizon’s stores to complete the cancellation process. But before you have to put some points in mind and do follow the instructions carefully

1- find your recent FiOS statement:

Before calling the customer care department of Verizon to start the process of the Verizon FiOS cancellation you first have to find the most recent statement of your FiOS account which contains the balance, the account number, and the types of equipment that have been rented at the beginning of your FiOS contract.

2- Calling customer service agent of Verizon FiOS:

This is the actual first step to cancel the Verizon FiOS account. You have to call Verizon FiOS at the number 844-837-2262 to start the cancellation of your Verizon FiOS account before the call has been started you have to enter your account number which can make the customer service agent can pull up your account smoothly.

3- Tell the customer service agent what you want to do:

When the customer care agent is on the phone with you, you can simply tell them that you would like to cancel your Verizon FiOS plan.

Note that: this call might be up to 20 minutes of talking. So it doesn’t be a good idea to make this call during work time, although it is strongly recommended to call before 11:00 AM to reduce the waiting time on hold.

4- make sure to ask about is there are any termination fees for early termination:

When you are on a call with the customer service agent, don’t forget to ask about the early termination fees and the ability to occur, especially in case you were under contract.

5- Ask about the returning of the Verizon FiOS rented equipment:

if you got rented equipment from Verizon FiOS service, you may like to ask the customer service representative how and when you can return them.

Usually, the return has been completed by sending them in a box with a shipping label or you can easily drop them off at UPS. this note is heavily important to avoid any additional fees that are related to the unreturned equipment fees which are completely costly.

Also, you have to well know that you have only 30 days as a grace period to return the rented equipment to Verizon.

6- know well how much is an outstanding balance:

When you are asking about the cancellation of your Verizon FiOS account you also must ask if there are any outstanding balances, in case if no outstanding balances you can ask about the existing balance in your account.

7- complete the cancellation and get a reference number:

After you have completed the steps of the Verizon FiOS cancellation you may like to confirm that the cancellation process is all done.
Before ending the phone call you can ask to get a reference number for the cancellation, also don’t forget to ask about when the cancellation is going to take place.

8 – equipment returning:

You have to return any rented equipment from Verizon FiOS within the next 30 days after cancellation. It is all-important to avoid any kind of charges before your account has been canceled.

9- check the cancellation status:

After you get your cancellation reference number. You can wait for a few days to ensure that the service of Verizon FiOS has been canceled. Check it out.

verizon fios
Verizon FiOS remote

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Is it allowed to cancel Verizon FiOS service online 

No, Verizon’show FiOS service could not have been canceled online. Instead of that, you can call them or even go to any of Verizon stores to complete the cancellation.

You can suspend the service for NINE months only as a maximum. Suspending can be completed online. However, it is a temporary suspension, not a final cancellation.

Why cancel Verizon FiOS TV only?

Many users are wondering how to cancel Verizon FiOS TV only and keep the internet at the same time. But why do you need to cancel the Verizon FiOS TV service? There are many reasons the subscribers need to cancel the Verizon FiOS TV service. statistically, 80% of users that have chosen to cancel the TV service are canceled for nothing except the need to save money even if your plan is cheap you still want to save money. The other reason may be that there is no need for the TV service anymore however it was unnecessary service or the service is not used anymore.

Also, there is a common reason to cancel Verizon FiOS TV only and keep the internet service because of transferring or moving. While there are a lot of people who are transferred homes every single year which may be bad for the TV services at. One of the common reasons to cancel the TV service is to get a better offer from another provider.

How to cancel Verizon FiOS TV only?

It is so simple to leave the Verizon FiOS TV service while keeping the internet.

  •  All you have to do is to call the customer care department in Verizon FiOS and tell them what you want to do.
  • There is an online alternative that you can cancel the Verizon’s FiOS TV service online. But it might cause the loss of internet service too. So it is strongly recommended to call the customer care department at Verizon to avoid any type of mistake.
  • After calling just tell the customer service agent that you want to cancel the TV service only.
  • You have to state the reason to cancel the Verizon FiOS TV service, don’t worry however the real reason is you can state it simply and frankly. The team may also present any alternative rather than the cancellation.
  • Since the main job of the customer service agent is to keep you as a customer. So they may offer you many attractive offers. So, be calm and firm during the conversation. Put in mind that you are going to cancel the subscription and nothing is going to change your mind.
  • There is some reason which is effective that you can state in your request. some of them are that you no longer use the TV service, you are planning to move to another city, or you are wand to reduce your expenses.

In some cases, the system is going with an error which leads to the non-cancellation of the service, or both of TV and internet are canceled so you must confirm more than once that you need to cancel the TV service only, so you can ask about the ID employee number of the presentative that you are talking with, the reference number, and the confirmation that the cancellation transaction is done.

Verizon FiOS TV
Verizon FiOS TV

Is it true .. if I cancel Verizon FiOS TV service, is it going to decrease my monthly payments?

Definitely yes, but it may be not a big saving as was expected because when you pay for the internet and TV that are presented from FiOS as a bundle you pay for the internet less than the amount you will pay for no bundle but the internet only.

I.e: if you pay for the internet as a part of a bundle so you will pay less than you pay for the internet only so the saving will not be as big as expected.

What if I want to cancel the Verizon FiOS internet service?

In some cases, there is a real need to cancel the internet. As we mentioned before in an article which was titled “ how to cancel Verizon FiOS service “ we discussed what the word FiOS means. Which is Fi refers to the “fiber”, O stands for “Optic”, and S refers to the word “ Service “.

Which means total fiber-optic service. This indicates the high speed of this service.
While the high speed is costly. For this reason, many users are preferred to cancel the Verizon FiOS internet service, and maybe it is a good chance to try out another provider.

But the Verizon FiOS agents won’t let you go that easy, they may offer lower-rated plans.

At the end of our article in “ Mobile Services Center, “ we hope that we can maintain all that is related to Verizon FiOS service cancellation. feel free to contact us in case of any requests or suggestions in the commenting area below.

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