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How to cancel Verizon Fios ? | The correct steps to do this

Many times, TV users want to cancel Verizon Fios . Verizon Fios service available for TV comes with the fiber optics. Also, the company claims to be the best from the competitors. Though, if any user doesn’t feel satisfied with the service, then he or she might want to cancel Verizon Fios .

cancel Verizon Fios 

Now that you’re fed up with using Verizon Fios and want to cancel it. It might not be an easy thing for you without proper guidance. Often, most of the ISPs (internet service providers) try to make the cancellation process a bit difficult. The providers may get indulged in a fight with you, or if it doesn’t work, they may start charging you unnecessary fees for cancellation.

In the process of canceling Verizon Fios , the company claims for the cancellation service available online. Though, you’re always going to end up with the call. You may try hard to bear the representatives available on the phone call, but you’ll feel like inescapable.

cancel Verizon Fios
cancel Verizon Fios

Steps to cancel Verizon Fios

With the phone call, the representatives manage to somehow make you on the board with the company service. So, it is all-about your conversation, which can either help you get the cancellation done or not. Continue reading to find some steps to cancel Verizon Fios .

  1. Dial 888-553-1555

In the first step, you need to dial 888-553-1555. After this, enter your mobile number, which is linked with your account.

  1. Manage to direct over customer retention department

When you dial the phone to cancel Verizon Fios , you’ll receive greetings from a ChatBot. It is an electronic voice automated to learn about your account details and information related to billing. While on the phone call, you may get frustrated with it. Just manage it as it is testing all your patience level. Don’t be angry and disconnect the call.

Once you deliver all the answers to the robotic voice and avail them with the necessary details, you’ll be directed over the CSD (customer service department). On the very first, let them know that you want to cancel Verizon Fios . After this, you’ll reach to the CRD (customer retention department).

For the solution, customer retention is the last option. No doubt, the representatives are ready to deal with your call, so you also need to be patient in handling the call. The department employees trained specialists who are excellent in negotiation. These people are going to act well with all the exclusive prices and make you trapped in their offers. So, you need to talk to them wisely.

While talking with the customer retention representative, be sure about your intention to cancel Verizon Fios . Don’t let them catch any point where it reflects that you can manage with the offers.

  1. Be prepared with a solid excuse to cancel Verizon Fios .

In the battle to cancel Verizon Fios , a solid excuse can be your best weapon. Often, the customer retention representative questions you first- “What is the reason to cancel Verizon Fios ?”

If you start speaking about any silly thing or any unrealistic excuse, it will go bad for you. For instance, if you speak them up with a reply, “I’m shifting to a new place.” At the immediate moment, the representative will question, “Where are you going?” At this moment, they’ll try to tell you about their service in the location which you tell them. The representative will speak about their services covered within the territory.

For combating with the call, you need to be prepared with a solid excuse to cancel Verizon Fios and discuss it in detail it which makes the representative difficult to catch another point. Some excuse which can work well to cancel Verizon Fios can be:

  • “I’m shifting to a foreign country for my education purposes.”
  • “I got another ISP set-up fixed in my place; I want to cancel Verizon Fios .”
  • “I’m selected at a new office, and they pay for all my expenses, including internet services.”
  • “I’m shifting to my friend/relative/parents/siblings place, and they are having another connection for ISP.”

With a solid or clear excuse, it can be easy to win the conversation. You need to just talk about a clear excuse, which leaves no words to the representative for extending the conversation.

  1. Stay kind and firm

While talking on the phone call with the representation, you should handle it with a friendly tone. Don’t make it a rude conversation, which turns unpleasant. Keep in mind that the company representatives are also humans and just doing their jobs. If you lack on your part to get the cancellation done, then it’s your fault, and the representatives are doing a great job.

Also, you need to stay firm in the conversation. Being assertive at the moment can also be the right thing. You need to be very particular in choosing your excuse and get the representative shut to speak further.

No doubt, you would feel irritated with the representative being so pushy about the service. Though, the representatives are not at fault as they are bound to follow the company policies.

When given a chance to tell about your issue, make a clear excuse. Make all the conversation pleasant with a friendly tone. Simply, use a solid excuse to get off the Fios service.

  1. Make a confirmation to cancel Verizon Fios

This step is the easiest one, but you need to complete it. Before hanging the call, you need to make sure that you confirm to cancel Verizon Fios . It will be worse if you spend so much time in the conversation and end up without confirming the cancellation. You won’t like to see the Verizon Fios active account by hanging the call. This will make you frustrated to handle the patience at another call.

When it is time to just hand up the call, ask with the retention representative for the confirmation to cancel Verizon Fios . Also, inquire about the equipment which you need to return after the cancellation.

Successful cancel Verizon Fios

No doubt, it is a tough job to cancel Verizon Fios . It’s not going to be an easy task and would take

all your patience. You may get frustrated, but you can do it. Just follow the above-mentioned steps, which can easily help you get the cancellation done with the confirmation too. With these tricks, you won’t be facing any issue in the cancellation process.


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