Easy data recovery 2022 | how to do a data recoverying successfully

No doubt that data recovery services are a very important industry because most of the data have been lost suddenly or without any previous planning and some of them could be important. That is why the data recovery importance has been generated since data retrieval is important.

Data Recovery
Data Recovery

Data recovery : 

It is acceptable that in case your phone was a broken screen or is completely dead you are still able to retrieve the loaded data because the data were stored in a hard drive which is not been lost at all.

Many services or tools can provide data recovery services by following simple steps.

So physically damaging to the phone does not mean the data is gone forever. You can go to a professional data recovery services provider and there you can retrieve your data.
But what if you can do it yourself? we are here at ( Mobile Services Center ) are going to explain how to do it your self. 

How to do data recovery for a broken phone: 

If you want to know how to do data recovery for your broken or damaged android cell phone. You can follow these methods accurately for the best results in these different situations

Situation 1: what if your phone is broken while your pc can detect the phone storage when the phone was connected via a USB cable?

Method 1:
This is the easiest method ever because it depends on the auto-play feature of the storage unit inside your phone. Here are the steps of how to get data from a broken phone by using the auto-play feature.

  • Connect your broken or damaged phone to the pc by using the USB cable.
  • After connecting you will find a pop-up window of the autoplay appearing on the PC screen.
  • Click on the choice of open folders and view files.
  • When the files of the broken phone appeared on the screen, all you have to do is to select or ( Ctrl + A to select all ), copy ( Ctrl +C), then paste ( Ctrl + V ) to your computer at any other location.
  • Now the data is yours.

Situation 2: the phone is broken and could not be detected when connecting to the USB cable:

Method 2:

Using the OTG cable. In case the USB debugging is off or you can’t see anything on the computer screen after connecting the USB cable, don’t worry, you can follow these steps.

  • Connect your android phone to the OTG cable.
  • Connect the mouse to the OTG cable. 
  • You will find that the photos and other media files appeared from the broken phones to the computer screen.
  • It is now easy to select them, copy and paste them wherever you want 
  • Data recovery now is done.

Method 3:

Recover the photos from google drive
This method is depending on google drive backup and sync features which can easily access from any of the synced devices.

  • Go google drive from your PC.
  • Log in to the Gmail account that is used on the cracked or damaged phone.
  • It is now available to select any pictures you want to restore. 
  • Click on the download button to recover them 

However, the synced data can not be lost while you use the same account on the new phone or something like that. As long as you still remember the Gmail address and the password, your data will be safe all the time.
Method 4:

SD card method
If your photos and media files are stored on the SD card of the broken android phone, you can restore them easily.

  • Carefully eject the SD card from your phone 
  • Insert the SD card on another phone or connect it to the PC via an SD card reader.
  • You will find all the data you want select them and copy and paste them to the PC or the new android device.

Situation 3: what if the android phone is broken and the data and photos saved on the SD card were deleted or missed?

In this case, you have to follow the steps of method 5

Method 5:

You can use photo recovery software that can retrieve photos from the memory cards of android devices.

  • Download and launch any data recovery software on your computer ( such as this one ).
  • Connect the broken phone’s SD card to the computer via the card reader.
  • Select the SD card where the deleted photo was present and then click scan
  • Select the photos and files which have been restored then click recover to import them to your PC. 
  • Now the data recovery process is completed and the photos and files are yours once again

Note that: this type of data recovery services software can also restore lost data files like photos, videos, audio files, or any other types of media files that have been deleted by mistake or accidentally have been lost for any other reason.

Data Recovery
Data Recovery iPhone

Then, how to get photos off broken iPhone?

To get the photos of the broken iPhone you can make the photos synced with iCloud this can be done by enabling iCloud photos. If you do so, you will be able to browse or share any data from any of your devices.

So in case, if you have a broken phone you have to follow these steps:

  • Log in to your iCloud account from your PC.
  • Choose photos and click on them.
  • Select the desired photo on click on them to download.
  • Now the photos are successfully restored.

Conclusion: make sure to enable the sync option all the time in your iCloud for an as easy method to restore in case of accidents as the method which has been previously listed.

iPhone data recovery with iTunes backup:

If you get a periodic backup of your iPhone with iTunes you can restore the photos and files from the broken or cracked iPhone by using iMyFone D-Back iPhone Data Recovery which is a professional data recovery services tool in addition to this tool can – through the repair feature-  resolve the iPhone broken or died issue.

By using the D-Back you can get data recovery services effectively by following these simple easy steps:

  • After launching the D-Back and then choose to recover from iTunes then press the start button to start the data recovery.
  • Select the data type which needs backup. Selecting iTunes back which contains the deleted or lost files that you need to be restored and then click the button “ next ” 
  • Select the data type that you want to do data recovery then press “scan”.
  • After the scan has been completed, the D-Back will display all photos that have been found, after that, you can select the ones you want to recover, select the destination and then press the button “Recover” to save them.

But what if you want to apply a data recovery for your iPhone, but you don’t have any form of backup, neither iCloud nor iTunes?

In case you don’t have any backup on your dead or broken phone don’t worry there is always a method to do so.

You can use the D-Back software, which can restore the data from the broken or cracked iPhone, but before you have to do some preparation to start working on the phone.

  • First of all, is to fix your iPhone by using (the Fix IOS system) which is presented by D-Back.
  • After that click, the standard mode button to proceed, and then, once the process is finished your phone will boot into its normal state.

After that, you can start scanning the broken phone to start data recovery in the following steps.

  • First, you can choose the mode to start, in this case, you can choose “ recover from IOS device “.
  • Connect the IOS device to your computer and confirm that you trust this PC, enter the password, then press next, and let the program recognize the device.
  • Select the data type that you want to restore. Then select scan.
  • When the scan is processed, the data recovery results are going to appear on the screen, Select the items that you want to restore, then press “Recover”
  • Data is now restored, and it is yours right now.
Data Recovery
Data Recovery

How to retrieve data from a SIM card:

This a frequently asked question, how to retrieve data from a SIM card

  • The first step how to recover the SIM card data is to download the SIM data recovery app this is a windows version if you are going to do the data recovery by using windows.
  • Then install the data recovery app then run the application and next choose ( android recovery module )
  • Connect the sim card to the PC, you can do it simply by connecting the android phone which the SIM card is inserted by using a data cable (USB).
  • On the application that you have installed, you will find different types of data, you can select the suitable one.
  • You can choose the data type you want to recover, however, it was contacts or messages. Just select and next hit recover.
  • The data is going to be recovered in a matter of seconds.

At the end of this article on our website ( Mobile Services Center ) we discussed and explained the different types of data recovery services and how to data recovering, we hope you like it and find it useful.

Don’t hesitate to contact us in case there are any requests or suggestions through the commenting area and we are going to reply shortly.

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