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3 easy methods- how to perform T-mobile data recovery

T-mobile is one of the biggest telecommunication service providers in the world. T-mobile data recovery is one of the t-mobile services that help users to restore their lost or interrupted data. The t-mobile recovery mode can present data conversion.

so, we will recognize what t-mobile data recovery is, what t-mobile safe mode and how it works.

T-mobile recovery mode is familiar for android devices, but not for IOS because IOS devices have different tools to make their recovery.

So, we are going to discuss on our website mobile services center how to do the recovery process effectively.

T-mobile data recovery
T-mobile data recovery

T-mobile data recovery mode:

If your phone is running slow or you don’t remember your phone password, or your phone is not responding it means that it is a must to enter the T-mobile data recovery mode to fix these issues.

Android recovery mode is an environment that includes a partition from the android system to complete the process of the recovery.

Now, what are the functions of data recovery?

The functions of T-mobile data recovery include the reboot functions, wiping data, the factory reset, software updating whether this update was done from ADB or SD card, and also the running of graphic tests.

Data recovery allows erasing of the whole data that was stored in the phone or performing the factory reset.

You can enter the recovery mode with no software needed or even no password or pattern lock is needed too.

T-mobile data recovery
T-mobile data recovery

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How to enter T-mobile data recovery mode 

We will explain how to enter the android system’s recovery mode in the following lines.

There are many methods to enter the recovery mode, we are going to explain the easiest methods as follows in detail.

  • The first method:

-Turn off your mobile phone as usual. Press and hold the power button.

– Next, after the phone is switched off, press the volume up button and the power button.

– Then you can release both points after the appearance of the T-mobile logo or the android logo.

– Now, you are in android recovery mode. You can use the volume button to move up and down and the volume button to select the options.

  • The second method:

To perform the recovery mode by this method you have to turn off your phone first by pressing the power button.

– Hold down both the volume up button and the power button until you see the word “boot mode” on the screen.

-Navigate with the volume button up and down until you find the word “recovery” choose it by pressing the power button.

– Navigate to the choice of “android exclamation mark”

– Now you are in recovery mode and this will appear, but if not keep holding down the button of power and release the button of the volume up.

– Use the -/+ volume button to move up and down and the power button to confirm your choice.

  • The third method:

– Turn off your phone as usual.

– hold down both the power button and the volume up.

– release all buttons when the logo of  T-mobile appeared or the android logo appeared on the screen.

– Now you are in recovery mode. Navigate using the  -/+ volume buttons and confirm using the power button.

What are the recovery mode options?

You can see in the system T-mobile data recovery many options that may seem a bit mysterious, but we are going to define each one of them.

    • Reboot system now:
      This is the choice that you can make for the rebooting process of your android phone. No data will be erased after the rebooting.
    • Reboot to the bootloader :
      This option is used when you need to flash the firmware of your android device.
    • Apply update from the ADB (used by developers only) :
      This option is used to change the firmware of the device.
      ADB is (the android debug bridge).
  • Apply update from SD:

This option is used if you want to apply the update through the SD card. You must download the full version of the software to the SD card before starting the process.

    • Erase data or factory reset :
      Note that: this option will delete all data in your phone. And cannot be recovered after applying this choice. This option is suitable when you forget the phone password.
  • Wipe the cache partition:

This option will delete the cache data (or the temporary files) that have been created by the android applications. Not the personal data.

  • Mount/system:

You can mount a system partition or system partition by using this option. By using this option you can modify anything inside the partition.

  • Run graphic test :

This option is used to apply the graphic test through.

T-mobile data recovery
T-mobile data recovery

How to restore deleted text messages on T-mobile data recovery?

To restore T-Mobile deleted text messages that have been deleted, you can use the computer backup to restore the deleted text messages in case there is no wireless backup service. You may back up your previous data by using backup software like Samsung smart witch or LG bridge.

Text messages from wireless backups can be restored to any cell phone through a built-in service.

Also, the deleted text messages may be restored through third-party programs.

How do recover the deleted voicemail on T-mobile data recovery?

In case you have deleted your voicemail after hanging up, don’t worry. You can recover T-mobile voicemail easily by T-mobile data recovery by contacting T-mobile customer support and asking them to recover your previous data as follows:

  • Call the number 800-937-8997.
  • The customer service agent may ask you some questions to confirm you are the account holder ( these questions are name, address, date of birth, and the last 4 digits of the social security number)
  • After the confirmation of your identity, you will receive a list of your voice mail which are the saved and deleted voicemails. You can choose which one you want to listen to or you want to undelete.

Also, you can recover the deleted voicemails through the application of T-mobile data recovery by following these steps:

  • Open the voicemail option from your phone as usual.
  • Go to the menu. You will find that there is a deleted voicemail tab. Click on it to retrieve a list of deleted voicemails.
  • Select which one you want to undelete or to re-listen to once again and restore it.

In addition to the T-mobile data recovery, is there any other software that could act as data recovery software?

The answer is: Of course, yes, There are many software that you can apply to data recovery. We have chosen 8 data recovery software in addition to T-mobile data recovery.

The most famous one is Dr.Fone which could be used for android and IOS devices as well. Also, there is other software like Cardrecovery, Photorec, Recover My File, Recuva, Remo Recover, Undelete 360, and Recoverit Data Recovery.

At the end of this article we hope that you find it useful and helpful, your requests and your suggestions are welcomed in the commenting area below which will be replayed shortly.

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