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how to get MetroPCS PUK code – 3 easy steps

One of the most frequently asked questions is what is the MetroPCS puk code. Metropcs company is one of the biggest five companies located in the United States of America. Metropcs is owned by T-Mobile and for this reason, MetroPCS is known as Metro by T-Mobile or simply known as Metro. So it all drives us to MetroPCS as one of the most spread network providers in the united states which means that many people – while their phones are getting locked – asked all the time about the MetroPCS pin code and MetroPCS puk code.

metropcs puk code
MetroPCS puk code

What is the MetroPCS puk code?

The word PUK refers to the ( Pin Unlock Key ) which is a unique and non-repeatable code that has been associated with the sim card. Metropcs puk code is an extra layer of protection which is have been found for more safety and security of the customer data and privacy.

The customer will be asked for the MetroPCS puk code in case he has entered the pin code incorrectly for three tries. To ensure that he is the one who has the right to contact customer support or can get the puk code from wherever. The puk code can not be given to anyone except the account holder.

Usually, the MetroPCS puk code comes in 8 or 16 digits, entering the puk code incorrectly only 10 times will lead to the sim being locked and it should going to be exchanged.

Why is the MetroPCS puk code very important information?

We have mentioned before that a puk code is needed to unlock the cell phone when it is getting locked after entering the pin code for 3 incorrect tries, the sim card is going to turn temporarily locked until it has been unlocked by using the puk code.

Knowing your MetroPCS puk code is important because you may need to unlock your sim card after it has been locked, as you always keep your data safe by using a related and unforgettable pin code but it always happened.

You need to unlock the sim card and set a new pin code to gain the ability to use your cell phone.

The puk code is the last layer of the protection of your safety and your data as well. It prevents any unauthorized access to your phone.

You may need the MetroPCS puk code in case you want to change your network provider at all, you may be asked for the puk code from both providers.

metropcs puk code
MetroPCS puk code

How can the MetroPCS puk code have been found?

  • You may get the MetroPCS puk code in the initial packaging of MetroPCS by T-Mobile. Usually, the sim card of MetroPCS comes with the puk code which is written on the sim packaging. If not, you may need to check if it was written on the cardholder.
  • If the MetroPCS puk code is not written on the sim card packaging or the cardholder you may call the MetroPCS customer service center by dialing the number 888-863-8768 and ask them to inform you of the MetroPCS puk code.

In case you call the customer support department at any network carrier( not only MetroPCS), they would ask you some questions to ensure that you are the account holder and confirm your ownership of the account.

  • You can get your MetroPCS puk code by visiting the MetroPCS official website. Next, you can log in with your mobile number. When you are on the MetroPCS dashboard click on the puk code options and find your required details easily.

Is the MetroPCS puk code available online?

Sure, the MetroPCS puk code is available online through the MetroPCS official website. You can log in to your account by using your phone number.

Have a login and then navigate inside the MetroPCS official website and ask about whatever you want.

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How can I enter the MetroPCS puk code LG and  MetroPCS puk code iPhone:

 Both MetroPCS puk code LG and MetroPCS puk code iPhone can be entered after calling customer support and picking the puk code as follows:

  • You will find a puk prompt on the screen, if it doesn’t appear on the screen you can tap on the button phone and then press on the button keypad.
  • Enter the puk code carefully, note that you must enter the code carefully. In case you enter the puk code incorrectly 10 times it leads your sim card to be locked.
  • After entering the puk code and unlocking the cell phone. You have to enter the new pin code and then press ok, then re-enter the pin code again, and then press ok to confirm the new pin code.
  • Wait until the device unlocking process is completed.
metropcs puk code
MetroPCS puk code

Is there any other use for the puk code in addition to unlocking the locked sim cards?

No, there is no other usage for the MetroPCS puk code except the unlocking of the locked sim cards. The puk code is the last protection layer of the sim card. Puk code protection works well Because no one is authorized to obtain the puk code except the account holder.

You can use the puk code in the following 3 steps:

  • Ask customer support for the puk code and confirm the information with the customer service agent.
  • Enter the MetroPCS puk code on the prompt screen.
  • Next, enter the new pin code twice then press ok.
  • Congrats, your phone is now unlocked and you have a new pin code.
  • Your pin code must be simple and easily remembered. You must keep your pin code in a safe place and remember it well.

What is the difference between the MetroPCS puk code and the MetroPCS pin code?

Metropcs puk code and MetroPCS pin code are two different codes that have two different uses. The MetroPCS pin code can be used to unlock the locked sim cards. While the puk code can be used to reset a new pin code if the current one has been blocked.

What is the difference between the 8 digits puk code and the 16 digits puk code?

Seriously there is no difference between the 8 digits puk code and 16 digits puk code. While both of them have the same function, which is the unlocking of the locked sim card.

What happened in case I entered the MetroPCS puk code incorrectly several times?

It ok, as long as you entered the MetroPCS puk code for several tries which are not exceeded 10 tries. But in case you have entered the puk code incorrectly 10 times it leads the sim card to being permanently locked and needs to be swapped.

Note that: the MetroPCS puk number is an important code for your account. If you get the MetroPCS puk code. It is much better to keep it in a safe place. Always make a call to the customer service agents to ask for help if you need it.

At the end of this article our website mobile services center, which was about the MetroPCS puk unlocking. We hope you find it useful. And in case of requests or suggestions don’t hesitate to contact us through the commenting area below.

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