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what is the Tmobile family mode- 8 amazing features

 As it is known T-mobile telecommunication company is one of the biggest telecommunication companies in the world. So the Tmobile family mode plan should be easy to understand, clear, and effective.

Now we are going to discuss the Tmobile family mode.

The importance of the tmobile family mode is to supervise the online habits of the kids and easily locate the family members for more reassurance to every member of the family.

Tmobile family mode
Tmobile family mode

What is the Tmobile family mode?

Tmobile family mode is a safety solution that has been launched on 29 June 2018 and can help parents to keep their kids secure and safe all the time. By managing the kids’ online activities and internet screen times through the mobile.

Tmobile family mode doesn’t concern the kids only, but it is made for the security and safety of every member of the family.

What are the specs of the Tmobile family mode?

Since the Tmobile family plan is a parental control issue, so it must have consisted of many basic features at least, here are some specs of the Tmobile family mode.

  • Tmobile family mode allows you to have a real-time location that can keep your family safe and under control all the time.
  • Tmobile family mode can understand how your family member spends their time online, enhance them to develop their digital habits, and help them to avoid spending their time locating useless digital activities.
  • This feature is suitable for underage kids, setting a content filter is more important than anyone can imagine. It could save them from themselves if they would like to view something which is not suitable for their age to see only the age-appropriate content only.
  • Managing internet usage, which is presented by Tmobile family mode. this option is made to set the limit of internet usage for every member of the family. To avoid the bundle running out, to save the brain and concentration of the kids, or even to present screen time or an extra quota as a reward.

These were the Tmobile family plan is concerned with the family member’s habits and activities but many additional attractive features can make you feel in love with the Tmobile family mode plan.

  • You can locate your lost device by urging it to make a sound to be found easily.
  • One-click alerting the family with an SOS or sending them your current location.
  • You are also could be able to have internet free time according to the homework, meal times, or bedtimes. On the other hand, you can present extra time via the internet screen for good behavior as a reward.
Tmobile family mode
Tmobile family mode

What are the steps to set up the Tmobile family mode?

T mobile family mode can be started for the account holder. And the first step is to download the Tmobile family mode application and you would like to install it. Next, you can sign up for an account using your T-mobile ID.

Also, the Tmobile family mode could be installed by calling the call center agent. Or by visiting the T-mobile store.

When the sign-up process has been completed the parent or the account household needs to create a profile for each child or each member of the family plan and pair their devices to their profiles which could be added through the QR code that has been sent with the invitation code through email or SMS.

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What are the advantages of the Tmobile family mode?

When we are talking about the Tmobile family mode we are going to consider it as it is an application that could help parents to control and manage the digital lives of their kids which is aimed at the safe and security of the family members.

The Tmobile family mode app has many features that contain lots of properties:

  • The real-time location can make you locate your kids through their cell phones, also it could have been monitored for the last seven days.
  • Full control of the setting of the free internet browsing time for the children according to their homework, meal, and bedtime.
  • You can set a limited time for the kid’s usage of a specific application. for example, you can set only one hour per day for Twitter application usage. Also, you have got flexible control over the limitation of the app you can reset the app limitation in case you need to increase it because of educational reasons e.g youtube, if your kid spent his time watching funny videos on youtube you can set only one hour to avoid the loss of his time, but you can increase this time if you discovered that your kid is using youtube to watch educational videos or useful streams at all.
  • Pausing the internet completely in case the kids are spending much more time on the internet, in case they are spending this time just scrolling and useless streaming and nothing else. You can check your kid’s browsing benefits through the screen monitoring control.
  • You can also get an idea of how your family members spend their time online. You can receive your T mobile family allowance to monitor talk and text usage. 
  • In the case of danger, your kid can send location or SOS alerts in one touch to help them or to keep them safe and secure.
  • Locating the lost devices by controlling the device to trigger a sound, then you can easily find it.
  • You can also use Tmobile family mode to reward the good behavior of your kids by granting an extra screen time limitation.
Tmobile family mode
Tmobile family mode

How can I get the Tmobile family mode application?

You can download the Tmobile family mode application through the App store for IOS devices or google play store for android devices.

What are the disadvantages of the Tmobile family plan?

  • It seems like T-mobile wants to limit your data usage while you are paying the monthly fees but not in the usual way, when T-mobile asks the users to “reduce your data usage, please” you know, nobody will respond. But if you do it under the name of ( Tmobile family plan mode) it may be a good control tool that can make you reduce the data usage of your own free will.
  • They said kids but it was made for all of us because it seems like it was made for families who want to obey rules but need a nudge.
  • The basic service costs 10 USD per month the upgrading to the T mobile family allowance this feature is going to block and manages the text and calls of the family members but it doesn’t have any effect on data or applications usage.

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