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T-Mobile Family Plans

Four lines of unlimited data aboard the T-Mobile family plan (Magenta) network for $140 is a solid deal at mobile.

T-Mobile family plan (Magenta) includes Netflix subscriptions for all, 3GB of high-speed mobile hotspot data (unlimited 3G speeds thereafter), unlimited data and text in over 140 countries and unlimited calling to and from Mexico and Canada.

It’s hard to imagine anyone in your family/group being disappointed with this T-Mobile family plan (Magenta).

T-Mobile Family Plan (Magenta)


Carrier / T-Mobile

Data / Unlimited

Nuber of Lines / 4

Total Price / $160/month


T-Mobile Family Plan (Magenta Plus)


(Magenta Plus) is a supercharged variant of the carrier’s Magenta plan. T-Mobile family plan (Magenta Plus) includes a 20GB mobile hotspot, HD video streaming, international data in 210+ countries at twice the speed of Magenta and unlimited in-flight Wi Fi on Gogo-enabled flights.

While T-Mobile family plan (Magenta Plus) is a bit more expensive than Magenta for four lines, it’s not a bad deal given everything which is included.

Carrier / T-Mobile

Data /Unlimited

Number of Lines / 4

Total Price /$170/month


T-Mobile Family Plan (Essentials) 

T-Mobile family plan (Essentials) is a great way to get unlimited access to T-Mobile’s solid network and service—for not lot of money.

The T-Mobile family plan (Essentials) costs $60 for the first line, $30 for the second, and $15/line for lines 3-6. As its name indicates, T-Mobile Family plan (Essentials) strips away most of the frills: there’s no HD streaming, no free Netflix, and no high-speed hotspot. Also, the T-Mobile family plan (Essentials) is subject to data de-prioritization anytime.

However, T-Mobile family plan (Essentials) still includes unlimited texting to 210+ countries, unlimited talk, text and 2GB of data in Mexico and Canada and an unlimited hotspot, albeit not a high-speed one (it’s limited to 3G). A solid deal at $120 for four lines.

T-Mobile Family plan Essentials


Carrier / T-Mobile

Data / Unlimited

Number of Lines / 4

Total Price / $120/month

T-Mobile Family Plans (Verdict)

There’s a lot to like about T-Mobile’s family plan (Verdict) free Netflix, low prices for unlimited data, Mexico and Canada privileges and really your individual needs will determine which is best for you.

Just know that going with T-Mobile family plan is a solid choice, both from financial standpoint and features.

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