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10 Amazing specs | Free TextNow messages and calls srevices

What is the textNow application?

Textnow messages and calls application is one of the most spread applications around the world. It has more than 100 million users around the world.

This application allows users to make free calls and messages through the online application TextNow, all you need is to download the TextNow application which is suitable for android and IOS then you can pick up a new number for free or bring your number and enjoy the free TextNow messages and calls.

TextNow was founded at the year 2009 in the United States, TextNow messages and calls a free application is growing fast more than what was expected. While it got 15 million users at the end of the year 2011 ( only after 2 years of the establishment of the company ). The year 2011 is called the big year of TextNow.

textnow messages and calls app

What is the difference between TextNow and any other usual network provider?

The TextNow application is much more different than any traditional phone or network provider. That is even not a network provider as the network provider is known.

TextNow messages and calls are free since the services are depending on the internet to provide the service i.e you can completely get a free TextNow message and call for free over Wi-Fi in Android and IOS. TextNow may connect to the 4G and 5G networks by purchasing the TextNow SIM card which is as cheap as 0.99 USD.

And you can continue to use the service by logging in through the official site of TextNow with all the real phone features.

How to restore deleted messages on TextNow?

To answer the question of how to restore deleted messages on TextNow, we must know that the answer is NO. as it was published on the TextNow official site, the deleted messages or even the expired ones can not be recovered and gone forever. But the good news for the Android users is that they could before deleting the conversation send a copy of the thread to their email where the thread is always being saved.

But there are always some other alternatives.

How can we find the TextNow messages and call history from the official website?

The simple answer is by following the next steps:

  • Go to TextNow’s official website, then log into your account 
  • Go to the home page. There, you’ll find the previous calls and messages on the left side. 
textnow messages and calls app
textnow messages and calls app

What are the steps if I want to get the TextNow messages and call history through the mobile application?

For the IOS:

  • Go to the TextNow IOS mobile application, and log in to your account.
  • Tap the three lines icon that is located at the upper left corner of the IOS TextNow application.
  • Navigate to the “ conversations “ option in this menu. You may use the smart search in the conversation menu which can help you to find people or numbers a little bit faster than using the usual scrolling.

For the Android:

  • Go to the TextNow Android application, then log in to your account.
  • When you visit the free TextNow messages and calls application you will find that the call history and text messages history are been located in the “ conversations “ tab which is the same as the IOS application that we have explained previously, so you can hit the three-lined icon at the upper left of the screen to find the conversations tab.

Note that: these steps are been completed as described as long as you didn’t delete any of the previous history details.

Is it possible to use TextNow without Wi-Fi?

Yes, the free TextNow messages and calls can be used over Wi-Fi and also over 4G and 5G by using the TextNow SIM card. Under the 4G and 5G networks, you can also enjoy free TextNow messages and calls as cheap as 0.99 USD.

The service is mostly free or completely cheap, How can TextNow covers the cost of the service, make profits, and grow the year after year?

The answer is the free TextNow messages and calls is depending on the ads in their application to cover the cost of the service and to make some money as a company profits, so you will never receive any monthly bill from TextNow.

Free TextNow messages and calls app
Free TextNow messages and calls app

Why there is more than one phone number in my free TextNow messages and calls?

If you are a wireless user – not a 4G/5G user – you will find that there is a choice named “ My Phone Number “ which is different than “ TextNow Number “.

The “ TextNow Number “ is the number that you want to give to others to call and text you this number is the number that has been generated from the TextNow applications whether “ My Phone Number “ is the number that is considered a Mobile Directory Number (MDN). this number is used to connect your phone to the network through the application, this number is required to confirm that the service is working well.

Many other applications do not accept the free TextNow messages and calls number as a confirmation or a verification method, what can I do?

Sometimes TextNow is not acceptable as a confirmation or a verification method at some third-party application, that because the third-party application does not recognize the number for the verification purpose.

You may need to call the company directly and request to manually confirm this request may be accepted by the company and in some cases, this request acceptance is not available.

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The TextNow application uses a high usage data amount, how to reduce the amount of data usage?

Well, the easiest way to save the internet package is to use Wi-Fi. if you use the 5G high-speed internet through your SIM card data package. This will necessarily cause the internet package to run out.

If you have the option to convert the network data from the 5G to 2G plan It may reduce the internet data consumption. Whatever you have the advantage of using WiFi don’t lose it to save your data until you need it.

What are the permissions required from TextNow to work on my mobile?

As a telecommunication application, it mainly depends on three permissions that are necessary to make and receive phone calls.

These permission are Phone, Microphone, and Contacts.

Some additional permissions are requested to complete the installation of the application on the phone. These permissions are SMS, Storage, and location which are also important to send photos and records to others and many more. So, you have to make sure that you enabled these permissions to continue using the free TextNow messages and calls services.

At the end of this article, we hope you find it useful. We were discuss the issue of free TextNow messages and calls service. Don’t hesitate to contact us in case of any requests or suggestions through the commenting area below.

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