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Advantages and disadvantages Tmobile lease program ( JOD ) 2023

If we need to know how does tmobile lease works we have to recognize ( JOD ) JUMP On Demand.
We have discussed on our website ( Mobile Services Center ) the issue of T mobile eligibility for upgrade which was a significant topic to be addressed because it can let you sign a new lease agreement every 30 days which is great, that you have the chance to upgrade your cell phone all the time by signing on the Tmobile lease agreement.

T Mobile lease program
T Mobile lease program

What is the tmobile lease agreement?

Tmobile lease agreement JOD is an 18-monthly agreement that can let you able to change or upgrade your cell phone. clearly, you didn’t buy the phone at all but if you want to do so, your monthly payments have reduced the price so you can buy the cell phone at the end of the agreement period. But in this case, you lose eligibility for the upgrade.

Most users prefer to keep the advantage of upgrading otherwise they own the current cell phone forever.

Before making an upgrading request you have to check your T Mobile account status before requesting.

Note that: the prepaid plans are not allowed to join the JUMP On Demand program. Jump On Demand seems like a great opportunity for users who always like the newest devices. On the other hand, it is not so much great for budget-minded users.

General notes and conditions to join the JUMP On Demand program:

  • Most of the latest great devices are available in the ( JUMP On Demand ) leasing program but all the latest devices don’t need to be available in the program.
  • The list of devices that are participating in the JOD program can be changed at any time.
  • The JUMP On Demand ( JOD ) is not available online so you have the choice neither to visit T mobile store nor call T mobile customer care number 800-937-8997 to start upgrading your device.
  • The leased cell phones must be turned back in good condition, with no scratches or no broken parts or you are going to be charged for the damaged or broken parts.
  • It is strongly recommended to add the optional insurance feature T mobile protection 360 within the next 14 days after activating the JUMP On Demand.

Most of the users are complaining about they never owned a cell phone in this program, but actually, it is a better choice to have the right – all the time – to change or upgrade the cell phone than you owning one cell phone forever and lose the advantage of upgrading which is could be a never-ending cycle of upgrading i.e if you sign an 18-months agreement for a cell phone and then after 6 months you are wanted to upgrade to a new phone and sign a new 18-months agreement and so on.

On the other hand, you are keeping time to go through monthly payments that will never end, and in the final, you didn’t own anything at all. This is not so good.

You have to decide if you want to own a phone or if you want to have the right the upgrading all the time. The decision is important because you must put in mind that you will pay an amount of money – which is not little –  as a lease but you won’t recoup the money by selling the phone for example, because it is not yours.

tmobile lease - jump on demand
tmobile lease – jump on demand

What happens after the 18 months of the JOD program have passed?

After the 18 months of the JUMP On Demand program have passed you have the choice to do one of the following:

  • Upgrading:
    of course, you can upgrade easily after the 18 months have passed since you were a current customer already, so this is your first choice.
  • Pay off the remaining value of your device:
    This is the second choice which is to calculate what is the price of the phone that you are leasing in the current plan and calculate the money you paid, then you can pay off your phone as a one-time payment. Now you own the phone.
  • Return the cell phone:
    It is ok if you want neither to upgrade nor to pay off the cell phone. You can bring it back. And this is it.
  • Entering the program named POIP:
    POIP is a nine-monthly payment program that allows you to own the phone in installments instead of paying it off as a one-time payment.
    The POIP expression stands for (P: Purchase, O: Option, I: Installments, and P: Plan ).

Is it allowed to cancel the tmobile lease program whenever I want?

If you are a current user of the JUMP program, and you want to cancel the subscription – for any reason – in this case, you have two alternatives:

  • You can simply return the phone to T Mobile and it gets all over.
  • The other alternative is to pay off the phone and own it. But if you want to quit the program successfully you need to purchase the phone and make a remainder for your 18 monthly payments.

Any of these options did not lead to barring rejoining the TMobile lease programs once again.

t mobile lease
t mobile lease

What happens if the user does not upgrade?

Because this is a tmobile lease program, the subscriber must turn the phone back at the end of the 18 months cycle period, if not they must start over again a new 18 months with a new cell phone. Or, you can make a final purchase for the existing phone in case you like it and you want to keep it. The amount that is needed to be paid is the difference between the real price of the phone and the 18 monthly payments that have been made to it. But taking no action after the end of the cycle of 18 months is not an option, to be honest.

What if the phone has been broken or destroyed? Am I should pay off the lease early?

No, in such a case the phone is destroyed. as long as you keep paying the monthly payments. But in case you need to lease another cell phone, you need to turn the existing cell phone back – which has been destroyed – and while it is impossible. So you will need to pay off the phone early to be able to upgrade to a new cell phone.

But in case it is partially damaged you may be charged for this at the end of the 18 months.

What if I didn’t pay my phone lease?

It is also not an option because you as a user must follow the tmobile lease program contract. But if you do so TMobile is going to disable your account and then turn your phone to the blacklist so the phone won’t be able to use any other network and the phone’s IEMI is going to be tagged as “stolen”. In case you keep not paying the collection agencies are start connect with you and try to collect and keep calling every single day until you pay for the tmobile lease program.
But in case you didn’t make any payments. You will be legally suspended.

At the end of our article, we hope you like it and find it useful. Don’t hesitate to contact us in case there are any requests or suggestions through the commenting area below.

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