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How to check Verizon voicemail ?

How to check Verizon voicemail ?

Verizon voicemail covers the message of the caller when you’re not able to be on the phone. It is an indicator showing the arrival of a message to inform you about the left message. Look at some of the Verizon voicemail options:

  • It can be about 20 messages.
  • Or a recording for 3-minute for every message.

Also, you can avail of the visual Verizon voicemail .

Verizon voicemail setup cost

For the basic Verizon voicemail , you need not pay anything as it comes for free. The basic plan is automatically activated with your chosen pack. Though, you need to make the Verizon voicemail setup done for activating the basic plan. Also, you can avail of the Verizon visual voicemail by the party a budget-friendly fee every month.

How can I ensure my Verizon voicemail security
How can I ensure my Verizon voicemail security

How can I ensure my Verizon voicemail security?

Under the Verizon privacy terms, they follow a strict policy towards customers’ confidentiality. Often, people are concerned about the security of voicemail Verizon. For security purposes, you can use a password to access your account. Once your account comes into actives status, you need the Verizon voicemail password right from the moment. And then, you need to use the password every time. Your account doesn’t come with any PIN for security purposes, and it gives a chance to the hackers for stealing or making any guesses about your Verizon voicemail password to access your account.

One must remember that you can fully-secure all the information on your device by creating a password with strong characters for securing your Verizon voicemail account. Don’t pick any common password or sequence of birthdays or others. Choose a random set of sequences to protect your account. Also, it is wise to frequently make changes in your password.

All about using Verizon voicemail

  1. What is the process to setup Verizon voicemail ?

If you want to set up your Verizon voicemail account on your mobile phone, then follow some simple steps:

  • Input the command- *VM(*86).
  • Press on the “Call” button.
  • Perform the setup, which includes using a password, recording the greeting message, and recording the signature of your voice.
  • If you’re able to hear the greeting voice, it means that the Verizon voicemail setup is done.
  • Input with the “#” button and use the prompts to submit your Verizon voicemail password. After it, you may be able to recover all the messages.

In some locations, the service of voicemail is not an application. If you want to fully secure your account, then you need to enter a password for Verizon wireless voicemail. You can use the above-mentioned guidance to protect your account with a password. For the retrievals, minutes of the mobile phone call is not applicable. The “airtime usage” applies to all your voicemail calls made with the Verizon voicemail number.


  1. What is the process to check Verizon’s voicemail for retrieving messages?

If you want to check your Verizon voicemail , then you can use the following steps.

  • Input the command *VM (*86) using your mobile phone.
  • Press on the “Call” button.
  • Go step-by-step with the prompts and enter a strong password sequence.
  • Once you enter the password, your voicemail messages will be retrieved.

The usage of airtime applies to the Verizon voicemail setup and messages retrieval in certain locations. Your mobile phone minutes made for calling is not applicable under the retrievals. To maintain your account, you need to pay for certain charges. There’s no liability on Verizon wireless voicemail for any message deleted or missed voicemail message. Even if you saved any of the messages, there’s no liability on Verizon for failure in retrieving it.

  1. Is it possible to check Verizon voicemail account online?

Verizon voicemail app doesn’t come with this feature. So, you can’t check it online.

  1. Can I access my Verizon voicemail account message without using a password every time?

Yes! It is possible to reformat the Verizon voicemail number using your mobile and setup to automatic format with your password setting too. After making all the changes, you can easily access your account without using password every time and check your messages.

  1. What is the process to reset Verizon voicemail password?

The password can be reset using the “My Verizon” settings. Or dial for *622 number using your mobile.

  • Prepaid Verizon accounts

Go to the Verizon voicemail app to change the password. Or dial *611 (airtime) or toll-free number (866)837-3387.

  • Business Verizon accounts

In the “My business” settings, you can make reset for your Verizon password. Use the following steps:

  1. Go to the “Account Maintenance” tab.
  2. Click on the “Wireless Numbers & Users.”
  3. Choose your mobile number,
  4. Press on the “Actions” tab.
  5. Go to the “Reset Voice Mail Password.”
  6. Can I check Verizon voicemail without using my mobile or when I go out of the service location?

Yes! If you want to see your voicemail when you’re outside from the service location or using any other mobile phone, you can do it by following some simple steps:

  • Make a call to your “10-digit mobile number.”
  • For interrupting the greeting, enter the “#” command.
  • Submit your password and press on the “#” button.
  1. How do I skip the voicemail when calling to another Verizon subscriber? Is it possible to skip the voicemail right away for quickly leaving the message?

Yes! It is possible to skip the voicemail when calling to another subscriber. While calling to other Verizon subscribers, press on the * button just when the message starts playing. After pressing the button, submit your message.

  1. Can I save time to check my Verizon voicemail ?

Yes! You can save time while checking the voicemail. Look at the chart for saving time:

When hearing a voicemail message, press the following commands:

1 Rewind
1-1 Rewind to message beginning
2 Pause
3 Fast forward
3-3 Fast forward to message ending
4 Slow
5 Envelope detail (time/ date of the message sent)
6 Faster
7 Delete
9 Save
* Exit/ Cancel
0 Help
# Skip/ Finish

After you hear the voicemail message, press the following commands:

6 Forward*
7 Delete
8 Reply*
9 Save
0 Help

*Reply/ forward commands work only with the other subscribers of Verizon voicemail in your service location.

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