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Verizon change phone number- A convenient service instantly

The concept of Verizon change phone number is conveniently planned to help netizens change their phone numbers instantly through the app or web-based long in into the Verizon account. This Verizon change number is an action that is usually taken if the old number on which the connection was taken, gets deactivated, or is not in a working condition.

Usually, for Verizon change phone number, there is no charge, but sometimes based on your contract with the company, a charge of $ 15 may be applicable if changing the number. This, however, is not so common. Let’s take a look at some of the general information that may arise for Verizon to change phone number customers while changing their phone number.

How does the Verizon change phone number process work
How does the Verizon change phone number process work

The process of Verizon change number works a little differently than some of the networking services that we know of. These services usually comprise us to choose the number we want basis some of the given numbers, but in Verizon change phone number before choosing a phone number, we need to put the area code and the prefix, and it will automatically be allotted to us basis what is available. Such a method may be inconvenient for us, as many people are superstitious and believes in the science of Numerology but otherwise serves the purpose well.


  • Information about the charges of Verizon change phone number

As mentioned above, under some contracts of Verizon, certain customers are liable to pay $15 in case of changed wireless number, but otherwise, if you log in through the app or ‘My Verizon,’ there is no charge on Verizon change number.


Before we delve further into this concept, let’s take a look at how can the Verizon change number is done-

  • Log in to your account of ‘My Verizon’ or launch the app from your smartphone.
  • From the home screen, a three-dot option can be seen on the top left of your home screen.
  • Once you click that, select devices from your on-screen menu.
  • Click on the option of ‘devices’ and choose the option of ‘Manage.’
  • From the menu, select the option of ‘Change phone number.’
  • Sign-in again through your credentials.
  • This step will prompt you to enter your area code and prefix summing up to 6 digits. The last 4-digits will be automatically allocated to your basis availability.

One important thing to remember is, you can change the phone number, even if your phone is not present with you through the web-based browser and ‘My Verizon’ website. However, only the owner or the admin can initiate this action.

How important is ‘effective date’ in cases of Verizon change phone number

Choosing an effective date while changing the phone number is a piece of very crucial information and should be chosen with care. This option is given to you so that you understand the length of your billing cycle from the time your new number becomes effective, which is usually instantly. However, in some cases, the change might happen around midnight on the day the number was changed

How to delete content from Verizon cloud


Role of cloud in Verizon change phone number

While choosing and resetting a new phone number, certain changes might occur in your device, which might prompt data loss from your phone. Therefore, before promoting such an action, the Verizon cloud service should be opted for to back-up any essential data like contacts and messages, in case you end up losing them.

One important thing to remember while attempting Verizon change phone number is that contacts usually are not lost as they are saved in the device, and any change in connection doesn’t manipulate them in any way. But this is not the case when it comes to messages or important files and hence should be backed-up in the Verizon cloud before attempting Verizon change number.

Clearing your pending order- A necessity before attempting Verizon change phone number

Many times you want to switch to a new number while you have a pending order against that number. While it is possible to attempt Verizon change number in between your billing cycle, any pending order should be deleted before doing so. To delete any pending order, the following steps should be followed-

  • Log in into the ‘My Verizon’ app and go to the ‘My order’ tab.
  • Once you click on it, you will be directed to the ‘My Orders’ page.
  • From the menu, click on the option of ‘View pending account changes’
  • Click on the ‘delete’ option right next to the order that you want to delete.
  • Click on the ‘delete pending account change’ option.

This action will prompt all your pending orders to form the existing number.

Now that you understood the basic of attempting a Verizon change phone number let’s take a look at the worst-case scenario- You phone stops working, once you switch to a new number. What can be done at situations like these?

There can be two ways to go about it, depending on the type of phone you possess.

Blocked text message Verizon

In the case of attempting a Verizon change phone number in a 4G phone-

  • Restart your phone once you have changed the setting in your ‘My Verison’
  • After 2 minutes, switch off and on your handset again.
  • To confirm if the new number is implemented dial #832.
  • This will confirm if your new number is functional or not.

In case of attempting Verizon change number in a 3G handset-

  • Restart your phone once you have changed the number form the website or app
  • Dial #228
  • Select ‘option 1’ once the IVR comes on
  • Disconnect the call
  • Dial #832 again to confirm if the new number is functional or not.

Therefore, now that you know all ways of Verizon change phone number and it’s various doubts go ahead and try to change the phone number that you have been thinking about for so long. In case of any problems, Verizon provides excellent customer service support and can be contacted at any time of the day for assistance. 

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Blocked text message Verizon

Blocked text message Verizon

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