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Kuwait telecommunication 2023| STC Recharge Kuwait

before talking about STC recharge Kuwait categories we have to know a little about STC organization, while STC is a Kuwaiti telecommunication company established according to decree No.187 for 2008. This company was established to manage the GSM systems according to law NO.2 for 2007.

Kuwait telecommunication company STC was established in the year 2008 as a partner of the STC group that provides brilliant services and platforms worldwide and comes in with a share capital of 50 million Kuwaiti dinars.

Then the STC stock has been listed in the Kuwaiti stock market at the end of the year 2014.


stc recharge kuwait
stc recharge kuwait


How to STC recharge Kuwait

In order to STC Recharge Kuwait, you can recharge your balance using many methods whether it was through the STC application, recharge cards, fast recharge, or shortcodes.

Recharge cards – STC recharges Kuwait:

Simply you can recharge your balance by using the recharge cards. It is the regular method of recharging using recharge cards, the recharge cards come in many categories which are started from 2 K.D to 25 K.D. But although this is the regular method used to balance recharging it is not used as a default all the time because there are many other alternatives.


stc recharge kuwait - sim card
stc recharge kuwait – sim card


STC recharge Kuwait using the mobile application:

To recharge your balance using the mobile application you have to follow these simple steps:

  • Download and install the STC application from the app store – apple iphone applications store – or google play store.
  • Sign in to your account or create a new account in case it was your first time using the mobile application.
  • Navigate to the recharging page and then fill in the required fields to complete the recharging process.

STC Recharge Kuwait using the recharge codes:

This process could be completed through the recharge cards by dialing the code *500* the recharge code# can be achieved through the recharge cards starting from 2 K.D to 25 K.D.

STC Recharge Kuwait could also have been completed through the digital gate of Kuwait. You can complete the recharging process by following the steps:

  • Kuwait government online for the state of Kuwait.
  • Navigate to start the electronic services.
  • Select recharge.
  • Fill in the required data (phone number, amount, and Email).
  • Enter the payment data.

Note that the minimum amount to be recharged is 1.5 K.D.

There are other methods that can be used in STC recharge Kuwait, there are many websites that allow you to recharge your credit online, and some of the most trusted websites are as follows:

  • Mobilerecharge:
    Mobilerecharge website is one of the most trusted recharging websites which can quickly recharge your balance with simple and easily applicable steps. It only takes a few seconds to get your phone balance recharged and also you may get a bonus.

You can enter your phone number and follow the onscreen instructions and get your phone credit recharged.

    Another well-trusted credit charging website that could help you to charge your phone credit with no need to buy scratch cards or even to leave your chair. Simply you could enter the destination phone number that you want to get it charged, select the network provider and then enter your credit card details, and then you can get your phone credit charged so quickly.
    Monito also provides a money-transferring service that allows you to make any payment with no need to go anywhere.
  • Doctorsim:
    One of the most known and secure websites that you can use easily and safely in all related to mobile balance recharging and STC money transferring services. Doctorsim works with the same procedures as the previous websites which are to enter the recipient’s phone number then enter the amount you want to recharge by and then you can enter the payment method and press OK.
    Doctorsim is one of the most trusted websites which comes with no hidden costs and very trusted secure payment methods. And the balance could be sent instantly and you will receive a confirmation via Email.
    Also, you can enjoy great discounts on top up with a 10 years experienced company.

The STC recharging cards categories and internet packages

The STC recharge Kuwait – Recharge cards categories:

The STC recharge Kuwait plans come in different cards categories which have been started from 2 KD and up to 25 KD with different validity periods as follows:

  • 2 KD recharge card provides a validity period of 10 days.
  • 3 KD recharge card that can provide a validity period of 15 days.
  • 5 KD recharge card that can provide a validity period of one month.
  • 10 KD recharge card that can provide a validity period of 90 days (three months).
  • 20 KD recharge card that provides a validity period of 180 days (six months).
  • And at the last, the 25 KD provides a complete one-year validity period.


stc recharge kuwait - 5 KD recharge card
stc recharge kuwait – 5 KD recharge card


The STC recharge Kuwait internet plans:

The Internet plans in STC Kuwait can come in different packages as follows:

STC recharge Kuwait 5G GO plans:

  • 5 KD package that could provide 5GB of internet usage and 100 minutes of local calls.
  • 8 KD that provides an internet usage of 25 GB and 150 minutes of local calls.
  • You can also enjoy using 50 GB of internet usage for 12 KD, unlimited STC to STC calls and 300 minutes of local calls.
  • And you could have 200 GB of internet usage for 18 KD and unlimited local calls.
  • All previous packages are valid for 30 days.
  • You can ask for activation by sending an activation code to the number 510.

Also, there are extra data add-ons as follows:

  • Additional 15GB for 3 KD and validity period of 30 days.
  • Additional 50 GB and validity period of 30 days.

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The postpaid of the STC Kuwait:

While we were talking about the recharge cards on STC recharge Kuwait, we have also to talk about the postpaid plans which are considered to have much more benefits in addition to the great value for the money.

  • The Kuwait STC 10 KD postpaid plan
    This plan allows you to enjoy an internet package of 100 GB, unlimited social media browsing and STC to STC calls, and 100 local sms.
  • The Kuwait STC 15 KD postpaid plan
    This plan allows you to enjoy an internet package of 150 GB, unlimited social media browsing and STC to STC calls, 500 minutes of local calls, and 500 local sms.
  • The Kuwait STC 25 KD postpaid plan
    This plan allows the user to enjoy a complete 100 GB internet package, 2000 local minutes, and 1000 local sms.
  • The Kuwait STC 35 KD postpaid plan
    This is the best plan according to my point of view which allows you to have an internet usage of 500 GB, unlimited local calls, 1000 local sms, and 1 GB of roaming data.
  • The Kuwait STC 45 KD postpaid plan
    This plan may be useful for the high usage users which provides 1 TB of internet usage, unlimited local calls, 2000 local sms, roaming data up to 10 GB, roaming incoming calls of 60 minutes, and free 60 minutes of international calls.

In the end, we hope that we can give you valuable information about STC recharge Kuwait categories and we encourage you to contact us through the commenting area below in case you have any requests or suggestions and you will be replied to shortly.

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