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Updated Sprint USSD dialing codes list In USA

In the United States, Sprint is one of the major mobile carriers, providing wireless services to millions of customers. Sprint USSD dialing codes list is one of the features that Sprint offers. USSD codes are means (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data), which are short codes that can be used to access various services and information on the Sprint network. These codes can be used to check account balances, add funds, and access other features. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at an updated list of Sprint USSD dialing codes list in the USA.

What are USSD codes?

USSD codes are short codes that can be used to access various services and information on a mobile network. These codes are typically entered into the phone’s dialer app and are used to perform specific actions, such as checking account balances or adding funds. USSD codes are often used by mobile carriers to provide customers with quick access to important information and services.

Sprint USSD dialing codes list In USA
Sprint USSD dialing codes list In USA

What are Sprint USSD dialing codes list?

Here is an updated Sprint USSD dialing codes list that can be used by customers in the USA:

Account Management:

  • *2: Check your account balance, usage, and plan information.
  • *3: Pay your bill or add funds to your account.
  • *4: Access Sprint customer service.

Data Usage:

  • *3282#: Check your data usage and remaining data allowance.
  • 32822#: Check your data usage for a specific device.

Device Management:

  • *#06#: Check the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number of your device.
  • ##72786#: Reset network settings and update device configurations.
  • ##873283#: Refresh device activation and update device information.

International Services:

  • *2# + Send: Check international roaming rates and plans.
  • *#0011#: Check the signal strength and network information while roaming internationally.


  • *86: Access your Sprint voicemail.
  • *98: Access your voicemail when calling from another phone.


  • *99: Access Sprint Zone, an app that provides access to a variety of Sprint services and information.
  • *225#: Update your device’s Preferred Roaming List (PRL).
  • *#1234#: Check the software version and build a number of your device.
Sprint USSD dialing codes list In USA - 2
Sprint USSD dialing codes list In USA – 2

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It’s important to note that some of these codes may not work for all Sprint customers, or may vary depending on the specific plan and device. Customers should also be aware that some codes may result in additional charges or fees, depending on the service being accessed.

In conclusion, Sprint USSD dialing codes provide customers with quick and easy access to important services and information on the Sprint network. By using these codes, customers can check their account balances, manage their devices, and access other features. The updated list of Sprint USSD dialing codes in the USA outlined in this article can be a useful resource for Sprint customers looking to access these services and information quickly and easily.

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