Lebs3yal Online Shopping from Carter’s Egypt

We are going to tell you How to do your Online Shopping from Carter’s Egypt with Lebs3yal, Ordering from is Easier than you think, you well buy your kids clothes from Carter’s USA and it will be on your doorstep without any effort.

What is Leb3yal Online Shopping?

Lebs3yal is an Online Shopping Ecommerce website for clothes online Egypt to shop from Carter’s USA and other USA brands for your Kids, whether boys or girls. is an online store for clothes, but for kids clothes, not adult clothes, Lebs3yal will help you to buy Carter’s Egypt baby clothes.
Lebs3yal is selling only Original brands to buy from USA, brands like Carter’s USA and other USA Brands, all products on Lebs3yal website are 100% Original From the online brands in USA.

Why to Shop from Carter’s Egypt with Lebs3yal?

Lebs3yal is the best online stores Egypt to sell Carter’s Egypt kids clothes, Lebs3yal has a variety of clothes for boys & girls such as newborn clothes, girls clothing, junior baby clothes, boy shoes, girl shoes, girls accessories, boys accessories and baby clothes for boys.
Lebs3yal is one of the best fashion stores that offer Online Shopping from Carter’s USA for kids, as lebs3yal is trusted ecommerce website for baby clothes & kids clothes.
Lebs3yal saves your time, by shipping from USA your orders instead of you, and it solves all the customs and international shipping problems for you, also you will get your order from 15 to 20 days from USA.

Your online shopping for clothes online Egypt for your kids will be with EGP and the price will be clear for every product on Lebs3yal website from Carter’s USA, you will only pay your order when it gets to you, as the payment method that is offering is Cash On Delivery.
Lebs3yal not only offering you best price among others, but also offering you discounts all the time on your whole bill, you will only pay the amount written on the product plus the domestic shipping in Egypt, but if your Order is above 1500 EGP you will get free Shipping on your bill from Lebs3yal, not only that but also Lebs3yal gives you a 14 Days Return for your Order.
Lebs3yal customer service team is available for you from 10AM to 6PM Sunday to Thursday, if you faced any problem with your order or don’t know how to order they will help you placing your order.

How to buy your kids clothes from Lebs3yal?

The Online Shopping with Lebs3yal for kids clothes is very easy & smooth; Make your Order Now from, the online store for clothes from Carter’s USA for kids clothes girls & boys among all online stores Egypt.

The Easy steps to buy your kids clothes from Lebs3yal:
– Choose the product you want and the size you want from kids clothes, as all sizes are available on lebs3yal, sure you will find what you want for your kids, whether boys or girls.
– After choosing the product you want to buy from USA press on BUY NOW button to buy from Carter’s USA, if you want more shopping press ADD TO CART to continue your Online Shopping from Lebs3yal.
– Then you will write your shipping information, then enter the Coupon Code to get discount from on your bill, after that press Continue Shipping.
– After you enter the shipping address, will calculate the shipping fees for your Order then continue to payment.
– The Payment method is Cash on Delivery
– After you replace your order, the order will be completed on website, the order number will appear to you with confirmation message on the website and you will receive Confirmation email.

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