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How to transfer balance from STC to STC?

In this digitalized world, everyone needs unlimited data packs and balance so that we can browse the internet and stay connected to each other as much as we want.

Not all digital services companies offer the option to transfer balance. With STC, you can easily transfer balance to your family and friends.

This article is written to provide you complete information about How to transfer balance from STC to STC?

STC Balance transfer scheme can be very beneficial for people as they can easily transfer data as well as mobile balance in case of need. During the festive season, when you have lots of messages and chats to share, it can be quite difficult to survive with limited data and mobile credit. In these cases, you can easily avail the STC balance transfer scheme to get unlimited benefits.

How to transfer balance from STC to STC?

The STC balance transfer is easy to use and affordable. The best part about the balance transfer is that it can be made quickly without any delays.

Let’s check the best ways about how to transfer balance from STC to STC:

STC balance transfer through SMS

STC balance transfer can easily be done by a simple SMS. All you need to do is write code in the SMS and send it on the number 900. To write the code, you have to pay attention to the following steps:

  • Type *133*
  • Then, type the mobile number of the person to whom you are sending the balance.
  • Type the amount you want to send and put a # after typing the amount on your phone.
  • Keep in mind that the amount can be only in multiples of 5, 10, 15, and 20.

The complete procedure to send balance through SMS is:

*133* MOBILE NUMBER of Recipient* Amount#

Viola! You have easily transferred the STC balance.

Balance transfer through code

STC balance transfer can also be made by using a code. Using the code is the easiest method to transfer balance. All you need to do is to press the codes and then press the dial button on your mobile phone.

*133* MOBILE NUMBER of Recipient* AMOUNT# and then press the dial button


Both these methods of sending balance are pretty simple and straightforward, and you will instantly receive the confirmation about the balance transfer.

Terms and condition to follow

Certain terms and conditions have to be kept in mind if you want to know how to transfer data balance from STC to STC:

  • You will have to keep a minimum balance of 20 Riyal in your account after the balance transfer.
  • The minimum amount of balance transfer that is accepted is 5 SAR.
  • The maximum amount of 20 SAR is permissible as per the balance transfer from STC to STC.
  • You need to pay a transaction of a service charge of 0.50 SAR per transfer.
  • The STC sim card of the receiver, as well as the sender should be on an Iqama card.

We hope you have understood How to transfer balance from STC to STC? So, follow these steps and send STC credit to your friends and family easily.

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