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How do you conduct the Net speed test STC

Do you want to conduct the net speed test of the internet speed offered by STC?

STC is considered to be the best in offering the internet packages that allow you to browse for the required content on the internet at a jet speed. The STC in Saudi Arabia is the winner of the mobile network speed for the first and second quarter. In 2020, it again won the award for offering the best mobile network speed.

The speed score that is attained by Net speed test STC is 58.52. The download speed of this network is 72.77 MBPS, and the upload speed is on an average of 21.45 MBPS.

To bag this award, speed test STC has a good coverage score of 807. This is calculated based on the number of subscribers for the 4G. The speed test is conducted by scanning the internet speed offered by this network in various locations of Saudi Arabia.

There are over 543,480 locations that are scanned to check the internet speed of various mobile networks. Out of all the mobile networks, the 99.80% of subscribers for this network have a good speed.

These are the values that are obtained after conducting the speed test of the STC mobile network.

When you conduct the speed test of any network, you will get to learn about the download, upload speed along with the quality with the help of the HTML 5 tool that is available on the internet browser. It is the perfect test that allows you to test the speed of fibre and mobile technology (2G, 3G, and 4G).

Ookla has conducted this speed test and announced the winner.

Net speed test STC
Net speed test STC

Steps to conduct the speed test using Ookla speed test app:

  1. Download the speed test on your Android or IOS operating systems device
  2. Search for the speed test by Ookla on Google Playstore or App store
  3. Follow the steps to install the app on the mobile.
  4. Open the app
  5. Go to the settings of the app
  6. Check the server that the app is using and change to the server to SaskTel server.
  7. Tap save to save the preferred server.
  8. Tap Speedtest on the screen
  9. Tap Begin test to conduct the speed test.
  10. You can see the results for the ping speed, download sped and the upload speed.

Ookla will consider the top carriers while conducting the internet speed test of stc . While conducting this test, it will identify the carriers download and upload speed and rank the top carriers accordingly. The 90% of ratings are given for the download speed and 10% for the upload speed). There is the latest version of Crimean that is used to give the download and upload speeds of the network. Most of the emphasis is given to the download speed. The network experience of the customer on a regular basis is also taken into consideration to rank the carrier that is offering the best internet speed.

The internet speed was high in different locations of Saudi such as Riyadh, Jeddah and Medina.


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