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How to check STC postpaid bill: Step-by-step Process

STC is one of the most renowned telecommunication service providers in Saudi Arabia. The company is providing services to more than 81% of the population in Saudi Arabia.

Most often people choose a particular company for their services, If they provide easy, convenient, and hassle-free services.


When you are looking to choose a company that can not only provide you with convenient services but also provide easy and convenient billing, STC should be your top choice.

In this article, we will help you know how to check the STC postpaid bill. The billing process of DTC is pretty simple and straightforward.


The government in Saudi Arabia is promoting an E-billing system, and STC is one of the few companies that provides e-bill to its customers. As per the government of Saudi Arabia, by providing STC bills in the electronic mode, companies are contributing to the digital transformation of the country.


In order to align with the strategy of digital transformation, and to provide maximum convenience to customers, STC adopted the method of e-billing.


Benefits of E-billing of STC bill
Benefits of E-billing of STC bill

Benefits of E-billing of STC bill

Following are the major advantages of e-billing of STC bill

  • Paperless bill means that you are contributing to an environmentally safe method. The e-bill also provides better and more information to customers so that they get details about their bill.
  • The STC bill provided by the company through an STC account helps you to check the bill up to 6 months. All you need to do is to download the PDF of the bill and print it anytime anywhere you want.
  • The best part about the STC bill in electronic mode is that you can check it anytime anywhere you want with maximum convenience. You can use your smartphone and check the bill through MySTC account or even through the STC app.
  • Payment option

STC provides you convenient methods of bill payment, and you can make payment either through your credit card or visa and MasterCard.

  • The STC e-bill option also provides safety as the bill is available only to you.


How to check STC Postpaid bill?

You can check your STC bill by using different options. The best options include:

Calling helpline

If you are not too comfortable with the online mode, you can call the company on their toll-free number and follow their instructions for the bill payment.

Although calling the customer care number and then checking the STC postpaid balance is the most cumbersome, the customer care executives at STC are pretty good at helping customers.


Thus, to make the enquiry about your bill, you need to dial 900 from your STC connected mobile number. You will get an automated response from the other end, and then you can talk to the customer care executive, who can help you in knowing your bill.


Installing app

Installation of the STC app is the easiest option if you want to know how to check STC postpaid bill. You can download the STC app from Playstore or iTunes and register to the app to know your bill.

The process is pretty simple and straightforward.


We hope following these steps will help to pay your STC bill with maximum convenience.







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