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Verizon white pages free alternatives and their importance

Verizon white pages free alternatives and their importance؛ It occurs all the time that you’ve received a phone call, but you didn’t recognize the caller, or you don’t know who this number belongs to while you haven’t used any kind of directories even Verizon white pages free edition or paid one or any other types of directories.

While reverse numbers lookup is no longer available in a free edition, it is still so easy to look up a phone number using Verizon white pages free edition.



So, what is the importance of using Verizon white pages free edition or paid one?

— Verizon white pages are available to be displayed online, or they can be delivered in a hard copy.

– Availability to ordering paper directory by phone, so it is available to reduce the distribution in some areas of Verizon’s landline regions according to the low demands; this is because anyone is interested in getting a physical copy of their local directory, simply he can get one by calling Verizon’s white pages for free.

– Saving the environment because this effort can save tons of waste papers from being wasted yearly as well as the energy associated with publishing processes.

– In case you still receive the printed directory but no longer need it anymore. It is ok, and you can opt out of the further deliveries from Verizon white pages for free.

Unfortunately, Verizon white pages are no longer free right now. But the great news is that there are many free great alternatives that can help users find people or track people down by doing a free search for them online or finding someone’s phone number, email address, or even physical address.

Verizon’s white pages offer a really good service, free information, and also extensive criminal record information. Although they are no longer accurate in their data as some data may be missing or old data or incorrect.

Verizon white pages
Verizon white pages


What are Verizon white pages free alternatives, and are they useful as a Verizon white pages service?

Frankly, yes, there are more and more free alternatives that can be placed instead of the Verizon white page free services. 


1-      TruePeopleSearch

True people search is a website that is created and considered as a people finder website. In comparison with Verizon, white pages is a 100% free service. True people search makes you able to find people by searching for names or phone numbers and also their addresses.

And also, True people’s search offers a more detailed search experience and much more trusted results.

Also, true people search offers reverse phone lookup, so you can simply insert a person’s name or phone number and receive complete full data for free, and those results include the numbers of this person; however it was the current or the past numbers, addresses, relatives, roommates, and more.

Some of the free results include the wireless number or landline number of a certain person, the previous and current town where the person lived, associated names, and possibly associated ones.

Which makes True people finder as a completely suitable alternative for the Verizon white pages free service because it is easy to use and has fast results. Also, you don’t need to register to get the service, just use it. However, the site contains ads which is not a huge issue compared to its service value.

True people finder also has a paid section, just like Verizon white pages, in case you want to get more detailed information.

2-      TruthFinder

Another alternative for Verizon white pages is free, which does a very good and valuable job that may excel Verizon white pages neither free nor paid editions.

Truth finder searches for any court records, traffic offenses, bankruptcies, phone numbers, and also online profiles. In addition to those results, it can search for past criminal history, just like arrest records, weapons permits, sexual offenses, and more.

In another expression, once you search, the search also finds the person’s email address, death and government watchlist records, job information, online interests, dating profiles, education history, and also social media images.

It seems like this site presents a complete service, but the disadvantage is that the truth finder is not free, and you can’t see more than the person’s full name for free. You have to pay up to view more detailed information, and once you pay, you can get more detailed results, as we have explained below. As you can order for one month of unlimited information, or if you want to save money, you can order for two months as well.

free alternatives and their importance
free alternatives and their importance

One of the unbelievable features of the truth finder site is its accessibility on the dark web, which makes this site considered one of the most powerful sites in this field. And your data will be safe even if you are monitoring the dark web, and the truth finder will send you a notification once you go through the dark web to control the information you want to monitor on your behalf.

3-      BeenVerified

This site comes with a variable service included that enhances you to do much more than a people search. You can get detailed reports, phone numbers, contact information, also criminal history, email, and physical addresses; being Verified can help you to find anyone by using any information.

Being verified is a paid service, but the most adorable thing about being verified service is that you can query more than fifty websites through username searches that help you to find the one you are searching for online easily. Also, you can get information about the person you want to know about, such as the person’s past or current locations, assets details, and loan records.

Verizon white pages free alternatives and their importance
Verizon white pages free alternatives and their importance

If you pay for this service, your membership allows you to get unlimited reports for 30 days, but you can save money by paying for 90 days.

4-      ZabaSearch :

ZabaSearch is a completely free search finder that offers reverse phone lookups that allows the users to search through the name or phone number to get; as a result, much information like full names and addresses, age, and contact information.

We have to point out that this reverse phone number lookup process lets you go through any number, whatever is known or unknown, and get full information through the US public records.

This site is free. So, no need to register or add your bank card information (debit or credit card). Just go to the website, then enter the number you want and find out who is the owner of the number you search for.

Of course, there is a paid plan that makes you gain more information on a person. Also, the full package reports allow you to get much more information like marriage and divorce records and criminal history, etc.

5-      PeekYou

The search approach is different between neither peekyou nor other sites of white pages; the difference between peeking you and Verizon white pages free edition.

 The peek you site does not display more than public web content and respects privacy standards, and at this site, searches are through social networking communities. While not tending to violate the privacy of people at all.

At peek you, you have to register for a free account and start searching for the person you want to get more information about him easily. The search may be by real name or social community’s user name or phone number.



6 – Pipl

This is another website that helps you find people, but the concept is different from Verizon’s white page service because the site is designed for business users. The most comfortable issue involved in Pipl is that you can search through any parameter ( name, email, phone number, even a user name, etc.). 

The results you will gain include a person’s personal and professional details.



But People quit its free plan in June 2019, and the membership is not cheap. But it can build a very good business base through the analysis of billions of trusted profiles. Simply it is totally useful. 

There are also many more famous alternatives that worked as a people finder rather than Verizon white pages free services like Linked in, Instant checkmate, Facebook, and others.

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