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T-Mobile short codes 2023 | A Comprehensive Guide to T-Mobile Short Codes and What They Do

T-Mobile short codes are an incredibly useful tool for T-Mobile customers. With just a few keystrokes, you can access a variety of services and information that can save you time and hassle. This comprehensive guide will walk you through exactly what T-Mobile short codes are and what they do.

We’ll cover everything from how to access your account information to how to change your plan or get tech support. Whether you’re a new or longtime T-Mobile customer, this guide will help you to know much more about this service. So read on to learn more about T-Mobile’s short codes and how they can help you!

T-Mobile Short Codes
T-Mobile Short Codes

Overview of T-Mobile Short Codes:

When you’re a T-Mobile customer, you can get a lot of useful information and perform helpful actions with the t mobile short codes listed below. To access these features, simply type the appropriate t-mobile short codes into the text field of your device. Your phone will then send the code to the T-Mobile network, which will respond with the information you requested. 

This lets you take advantage of T-Mobile’s services without having to navigate through the complex menus of your account. it’s like having your concierge. Keep in mind that you’ll need a data plan to use Short Codes. You can see what plan you’re currently on by logging into your online account.

For some t-mobile short codes, you’ll need to have the T-Mobile ONE or T-Mobile Essentials plan. Other t-mobile short codes don’t require a plan, though they do use up your data. so you may want to avoid using them if you’re on a limited data plan. And some short codes are only available to T-Mobile employees.

How to Access Your T-Mobile shortcodes service? And some examples for the short codes.

You can access easily the t mobile short codes by using some simple codes. There are some short codes which works well as follows:
T mobile short code of testing the screen touching is *#*#2664#*#*.
T mobile short code of testing of the LCD displaying is *#*#0*#*#*.
T mobile short code of wireless LAN testing is *#*#232339#*#*.
T mobile short code of the device’s audio testing is *#*#0289#*#*.
T mobile short code of the GPS testing *#*#1472365#*#*.
And finally, the general menu short code is *#0011#.

t-mobile short codes
t-mobile short codes

How to Get Technical Support

If you need help with a technical issue, use the t-mobile short code *21. This will put you in contact with T-Mobile’s customer care team. You can tell the team what issue you’re having and they’ll be able to help you resolve it.

This t-mobile short codes also give you the option to get help with billing and account issues, including questions about your contract. You can use this short code to help with a wide variety of issues. To find out more about what issues you can discuss with the customer care team, check out our complete T-Mobile help guide.

And also here are some of the most useful t mobile short secret codes which they are related to the software issue:

The t mobile short code used to know the current version of the software *#1234#
T mobile short code that tells you what is the current version of the android, also the same code is used to measure the data and battery usage. This code is *#*#232338#*#*
T mobile short code that is used to know the version of FTA software is *#*#1111#*#*. And FTA hardware version can be represented by using the short code *#*#2222#*#*

Other Services Available Through T-Mobile Short Codes:

If you’ve run out of data, used all your roaming minutes, or have exceeded your international calling minutes, you can use the short code *67# to add more data, minutes, or unlimited roaming. You can also use *67# to block numbers from calling or texting you. If you want to add a new line of service to your account, the short code *393# will let you do that. You can also check your coverage in an area with the short code *47#. If you want to sign up for T-Mobile’s JUMP! plan, use the short code *4#.

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t mobile short codes
t mobile short codes


How to Find Out Which Short Codes Work for Your Device

If you’re not sure which short codes work on your device, take a look at your phone’s screen. You can usually find a list of the device’s supported short codes in the phone’s settings menu. You can also look at your phone’s user guide to find the codes. If you don’t see your device listed, try typing a few different codes to find one that works. Sometimes it can take a few tries to get the right one.

Tips for Using T-Mobile Short Codes

If a short code doesn’t work, try using an alternate code. These codes sometimes change, so you may have to try a few different versions before you find one that works. You can also use abbreviations — for example, you can use “add line” instead of “add a line” or “change plan” instead of “change my plan.” If you find yourself using a short code often, you can set it as your default short code. This will let you use it with just one keystroke, which can save a lot of time. You can set your default codes in your device’s settings menu.


T-Mobile short codes can help you access a variety of account information, change your plan, and get technical support. You can also use these codes to check your coverage, add data or minutes to your account, and sign up for JUMP. If you’re a T-Mobile customer, these t-mobile short codes can make your life a lot easier.

So, at the end of our article today on our website Mobile services center we have discussed some of t-mobile short codes, we hope that our article was useful and full of information. In case there are any suggestions or requests kindly contact us through the commenting area below, and you will be replied to shortly.

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