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Step BY Step How to Unlock Your Verizon Phone

To unlock Verizon phone, follow these steps:

  1. Determine what type of Verizon phone you want to unlock (postpaid, prepaid, or global-ready 3G).
  2. Enter the specific code to unlock your phone: 000000 or 123456

Most of Verizon phones are following postpaid plans, and by default those phones already come unlockedt. But if the mobile phone is from a Verizon prepaid plan or an iPhone 3G World Device, you have to unlock Verizon phone.

1. Determine the type of phone to unlock Verizon phone


 why Verizon phone might be locked?

 There are two causes


  1. You have a prepaid plan which hasn’t been activated on the network.
  2. Or you have an iPhone 3G device.

These tow types of Verizon phones are too easy to unlock. You just need the right code tounlock your phone.


2. Enter the specific code to unlock Verizon phone


unlock your phone (prepaid)

The prepaid Verizon phone is locked because it has to be activated on the network. Most of prepaid Verizon phones are locked to their carriers for 12 months. Once that time has already passed and you paid first payment, you can unlock Verizon phone easily.

Insert a new SIM card into your cell phone and enter one of following two codes

  • 000000
  • 123456

You can call Verizon service support at *611 and get help to unlock your phone directly if you still facing any problem.

Unlock Verizon phone (iPhone global-ready 3G)

This one is too easy to fix. Enter one of the following two codes on the lock screen of your device to unlock your phone:

  • 000000
  • 123456

Fortunately, these two codes are too easy to remember.

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