How to Cancel Verizon Wireless: A Step-by-Step Guide to Navigating the Process

Deciding to cancel your Verizon Wireless service can be a big decision. Whether you’re switching to a different carrier, cutting back on expenses, or simply no longer need the service, navigating the cancellation process can sometimes feel daunting. This exclusive article aims to simplify the process, providing detailed instructions, clarifying potential hurdles, and offering insights to ensure a smooth transition as you part ways with Verizon Wireless.

how to cancel verizon wireless
how to cancel verizon wireless

Understanding the Cancellation Process

Before delving into the specifics of how to cancel Verizon Wireless, it’s crucial to understand the key components of the process:

  1. Contractual Obligations: If you’re still within your contract term, you might be liable for early termination fees (ETFs). Carefully review your contract to understand any potential financial implications.
  2. Outstanding Balance: Ensure you settle any outstanding balances on your account before initiating the cancellation process. This includes unpaid bills, device payments, or other fees.
  3. Number Portability: If you wish to keep your phone number, you can port it to your new carrier. This involves obtaining a port-out PIN from Verizon and providing it to your new provider.
  4. Device Returns: If you have a leased or financed device from Verizon, you’ll need to return it in good condition to avoid additional charges.
  5. Cancellation Methods: Verizon offers multiple ways to cancel your service, including online, through the My Verizon app, or by calling customer service.

Step-by-Step Guide to Canceling Verizon Wireless

Follow these steps to cancel your Verizon Wireless service:

  1. Gather Necessary Information:
    • Account Number or Phone Number
    • Account PIN or the last four digits of the account owner’s Social Security Number (SSN)
    • Information about any leased or financed devices
  1. Choose Your Cancellation Method:
    • Online (My Verizon):
      1. Log in to your My Verizon account online or through the app.
      2. Navigate to the “Devices” or “Plans & Services” section.
      3. Select the line you want to cancel and follow the prompts to initiate the cancellation process.
    • Phone:
      1. Call Verizon customer service at (800) 922-0204.
      2. Inform the representative that you wish to cancel your service.
      3. Provide the requested information and follow the instructions given by the representative.
  1. Address Contractual Obligations:
    • If you have a contract, inquire about any potential early termination fees.
    • Consider your options:
      • Pay the ETF and proceed with cancellation.
      • Wait until your contract expires to avoid fees.
      • Negotiate with Verizon for a reduced ETF or explore alternative solutions.
  1. Settle Outstanding Balances:
    • Pay off any remaining balance on your account, including device payments and other fees.
    • If you’re unable to pay the full amount immediately, inquire about payment plan options or negotiate a settlement with Verizon.
  1. Port Your Number (Optional):
    • If you want to keep your phone number, request a port-out PIN from Verizon.
    • Provide this PIN to your new carrier to initiate the number porting process.
  1. Return Leased or Financed Devices:
    • If you have a leased or financed device, follow Verizon’s instructions for returning it.
    • Ensure the device is in good working condition and include all accessories to avoid additional charges.
  1. Confirm Cancellation:
    • After completing the cancellation process, request confirmation from Verizon.
    • Keep a record of the cancellation confirmation for your reference.

Additional Tips and Considerations

  • Timing: Consider canceling your service towards the end of your billing cycle to minimize prorated charges.
  • Promotional Offers: Verizon might offer incentives to retain your business, such as discounted plans or waived fees.
  • Alternative Solutions: If you’re facing financial difficulties, explore payment plan options or discuss potential solutions with Verizon before canceling.
  • Customer Service: Be polite and patient when interacting with Verizon representatives.
  • Feedback: Consider providing feedback to Verizon about your experience and reasons for canceling.


Canceling your Verizon Wireless service doesn’t have to be a complicated ordeal. By following this step-by-step guide, understanding your contractual obligations, settling any outstanding balances, and considering the available options, you can navigate the cancellation process with confidence. Remember to be prepared with your account information, explore potential alternatives, and maintain open communication with Verizon to ensure a smooth transition. Whether you’re switching to a different carrier or simply cutting back on expenses, this guide equips you with the knowledge and resources needed to successfully cancel your Verizon Wireless service.


how to cancel verizon wireless

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