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The best Cricket plans| All that you want to know about cricket phone plans 2023

In this article, we are going to talk about cricket plans. We are going to discuss all cricket plans, Cricket Wireless is a prepaid wireless service provider in the united states. As is well known, cricket is a subsidiary of AT&T and also relied on AT&T’s network to provide the service for its customers.

When we start talking about cricket plans we have to mention that cricket wireless offered cricket phone plans, cricket internet plans, and cricket prepaid plans for both calls and internet.


cricket plans USA
cricket plans USA


Cricket plans and services:

Cricket Wireless offers some cricket plans such as individual and family plans, as well as various add-on options like additional international calls or mobile hotspots.

Cricket Wireless also sells phones and other devices that may be compatible with their services, the main point of the main selling point is the affordability of their services and plans.

The high-speed internet offered by cricket wireless plans:

Sure you are wondering about cricket plans. Here are some internet packages Cricket wireless plans that have been offered by cricket wireless using AT&T’s 4G LTE and 5G networks that have been varied in prices according to their data limits.

  • Core Cricket plans:
    Core cricket plans offered unlimited data for 30 USD but the is reduced to 3 Mbps as a maximum after 22 GB of internet usage.
  • More Cricket plans:
    More Cricket plans offered unlimited internet usage only at high speed, but the speed is reduced to 8 Mbps as a maximum after 35 GB of internet usage for 40 USD.
  • Get more Cricket plans:
    Get more Cricket plans offered unlimited internet usage for 55 USD and there are no speed reductions all the entire month.
  • Stream more Cricket plans:
    Stream more Cricket plans offered unlimited internet usage for 60 USD at the high speed without any speed reductions during the month, this service also included streaming of higher definition videos at a lower resolution and HD video streaming.

Note that: the prices are varies depending on the location and the service area. It is much better to check the Cricket wireless official website before subscribing to any plan to be up to date with the availability of the service in your area.

What about local calls and international calls at Cricket Wireless plans?

According to Cricket plans, many calls plans are suitable for all kinds of customer’s needs as follows:

  • Basic Cricket plans:
    This plan is costing 30 USD per month and includes unlimited local call minutes talk and text, and 2 GB of high-speed internet. The customer has to pay extra for international calls.
  • Smart cricket plans:
    The Smart Cricket plan is costing 35 USD per month and includes unlimited local calls minutes talk and text, and 5 GB of high-speed internet usage. The customer has to pay extra for international calls.
  • Pro Cricket plans:
    The pro-Cricket plan is cost 45 USD per month and includes unlimited talking minutes and texting, and 15 GB of high-speed internet usage. Also, the customer in this plan has to pay extra for making international calls.
  • Advanced Cricket plans:
    Advanced Cricket plan is costing 55 USD per month with unlimited talk minutes and texting for the local numbers. Also, you can enjoy 25 GB of high-speed internet usage. The international calls are included in the landlines of 35 countries and mobile numbers in Canada and Mexico.
  • Unlimited Cricket plans:
    The unlimited Cricket plan is costing 60 USD per month with unlimited local talking minutes, texting, and internet usage. This plan includes international calls to the landlines of 35 countries and mobile numbers in Canada and Mexico.

The international calls limitations according to Cricket plans:

So, according to Cricket Wireless plans, we noticed that international calls are allowed for free for the advanced and unlimited cricket plans (calls are to landlines in only 35 countries and mobile numbers inside Mexico and Canada). It is ok to make international calls with basic, smart, and pro cricket wireless plans but you have to pay extra for them.

What are the differences between Cricket Wireless and AT&T’s performance?

While Cricket Wireless is owned by AT&T but is a different company from the customer’s point of view. So, what are the differences between AT&T and cricket wireless plans and performance from the customer’s point of view?

  • From the point of coverage, we noticed that AT&T has a larger network coverage than Cricket’s which means that the coverage is generally better, especially in rural areas.
  • According to the customer’s reviews, the internet offered by AT&T plans is faster than what was offered by Cricket wireless plans but also it tends to be more expensive.
  • Data capacities are limited somehow in Cricket wireless plans so you have to experience slower internet speed when you reach the data limit, while it doesn’t occur with AT&T plans due to the unlimited data plans or larger data capacity.
  • Prices of Cricket wireless plans tend to be more affordable than AT&T. except for AT&T’s low-cost internet plans.


cricket plans
cricket plans

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What is expected when you need help from cricket wireless customer service?

You can contact Cricket wireless customer service through various channels such as phones, email, live chat, and social media channels. The customer service representative is expected to assist you with a variety of issues such as billing questions, technical support, or cricket plans management.

Customers are reporting different reports about the quality of the Cricket wireless customer service. Some said the customer service representative was helpful and responsive while others complained about long waiting times, long hold times, unhelpful representatives, and unsolving issues.

Cricket Wireless provides the option of self-service by using the online portal to solve your issues online or the FAQ section on Cricket’s website which contains a lot of frequently asked questions that allow the customers to navigate in the section and find the answer to the most common issues in their own.

Cricket Wireless plans: Are they affordable and good value for money?

“Affordable and good value for money” is a subjective term and it can vary from person to person based on their needs and budget.

However, generally speaking, Cricket Wireless plans are considered to be affordable compared to other major carriers in the United States.

They offer a variety of plans at different prices, and their unlimited plans are competitively priced. Additionally, Cricket Wireless’s plans do not require a contract, so customers can switch to a different plan or carrier at any time without problems. Some plans also include additional features such as mobile hotspots and international calling that many other carriers charge extra for them.

However, It’s always recommended to check Cricket Wireless’s coverage map and read customer reviews before signing up for any plan to make sure it will meet your needs.

Overall, Cricket Wireless’s plans can be considered affordable and good value for money for some customers, especially for those who are looking for a budget-friendly option and for those who don’t need a lot of data.

Anyway, it’s always a good idea to compare the plans and deals from different carriers before making a decision.

customer feedback data for Cricket Wireless, but in general, customer reviews of the company’s call and internet plans have not been the same. Some customers have reported that the plans are affordable and offer good value for the price, while others have complained about poor customer service which is not helpful, and some issues with the network coverage or the slow internet connections … etc.

So, at the end of this article, we hope to present valuable information about Cricket plans and the comparison between Cricket plans and AT&T plans. In case of the presence of any requests or suggestions don’t hesitate to contact us through the commenting area below and you will be replied to shortly.

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